When planning to make an air ticket booking one should be careful and not book them in a hassle. It is because one can miss the best deals available if he/she doesn’t make a thorough research or follow some essential tips.

We understand customers’ worries when they’re trying to book an air ticket. So, here are five secrets to win the game of air ticket booking.

  1. Searching at the right time

    It’s best to search fares after the midnight as most of the airlines update their systems at this time with the heavily discounted fares. One can look for different airline sites especially during the weekdays like Tuesday and Wednesday in order to get the best deal.

  2. Be flexible while choosing dates
    Search for the lowest round trip within a range of month. Then one can choose from all the green dates on the calendar. Being flexible with the dates is one of the best ways to get the lowest airfares.
  3. Look for discounts

    Once the dates are finalized, one can then start searching for discounts if any. At times, airline sites offer great discounts which can drastically lower the cost of the airfare. So, one should always try and search for discounts available on the web.

  4. Booking in advance

    It’s the smartest way to get the cheapest airfares is to book months in advance. Reserving seats well in time means one can get very low fares and also a choice to book desired seats. Also, if one delays in booking then he/she might have to end up paying a large amount, which could have been saved if booking was done in advance.

  5. Don’t pay for insurance

    Insurance cost asked by the websites is just a way of charging extra. So, one should avoid paying any such costs that would add to the total airfare. It’s best to avoid paying extra, rather save that amount for something more important.

Keep the aforementioned tips in mind while air ticket booking and grab the best deal that would cost less. Even if one has booked ticket a lot of times, still they require these tips as while making a booking people often forget to implement these tips and regret later on.

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