While you’re exhausted most of the time as a single mom, especially if you’re working and raising kids, there’s also a time for love and dates. If you love men, women, or both, you deserve a way to connect with other singles and express emotions while meeting your physical needs. Fortunately, you can find romance anywhere – from online to standing in line at the coffee shop by initiating conversations. If you’re a waitress serving an attractive but weary traveler who came in from the airport or is stuck in line waiting for concert tickets or simply scroll through the local dating sites to find a partner, you get opportunities to meet people without compromising your safety. We’ve prepared a list of ways to meet a partner that can be pursued without taking away the time to take care of your child.
Talk on a Virtual Network in Your Down Time
When your kids collapse from exhaustion at the end of a long day, you get moments to rest and reflect on your day. These are great times to have a quick chat online with local singles. Find your next date on dedicated site or simply make friends, discussing what challenges other adults face in their jobs, romances, relationships, and parenting. The site has a nonchalant feel to it, as it is mostly directed towards members seeking hookups and no-strings-attached relationships, but by using the search feature and reading the profiles of other users, you can easily find someone who’s ready to commit here, if that’s your goal. Is it the fun you want? You’ll feel right at home.
Taking Time Out
Scheduling your next me day is a big deal that moms often forget. After you’ve worked three doubles in a row, you’re scrambling to take out the trash and fold the laundry. You forget to pack the kids’ lunches while half asleep and leave the dishes for the next morning. Then, you’re late getting them to school as you buy little meals at the convenience store. There’s never enough time to feel rested or connected to yourself unless you make it. If you can find a female friend online, ask to trade babysitting and give each other the occasional me day, even for a few hours at the spa or beach trip.
Being Specific: Intentional Networking With Your Kids
When you have spontaneous in-person or online conversations with adults, you quickly learn that they are or aren’t in a relationship. They might talk about their partner, even their baby mommy or daddy, but it takes time before suggesting hanging out together. Don’t scare your next partner away! If you can plan something for the kiddos, such as play dates at the park or visiting a children’s museum, gauge if there is a physical attraction to a new person without feeling like you’re on a date.
Make Yourself Look Good for the Cam
You’ll learn tricks as a single momsingle mom to pinch pennies and look hotter! Do you have a smartphone and a few bucks to spend at the dollar store? Purchase a few new colors of makeup and do your makeup and hair in a different way, and set your smartphone camera timer to take flirty pics. Prop your phone anywhere and take snapshots until you get the look you want. Adding these artful images to your profile makes you seem more attractive and fun, which makes people want to talk to you online.
Go Where Kids Go: Street Festival or Dog Park Anyone?
Single moms can’t always stay home and clean the house or cook, but they can network (and even find potential dating partners) with their kids. It seems like a no-brainer, but a festival or the dog park are great places to observe people with their kids. Watch how single moms and dads (and people with no kids) interact. Do they seem friendly and approachable? Are they too reserved, which means your social anxiety will become so overwhelming that you can’t start the conversation? Your next conversation might be with another mom who has a single brother who just moved back to town. You never know where romance strikes up, but fun activities with the kids, and your loyal pooch, will help you break down barriers and form new relationships.

Falling in love is not a guarantee when people are so busy and overcommitted to their daily activities. However, social networking online and offline buys moms like you increase your chances of finding romance.

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Alex, online dating specialist. Have degree in Psychology, fields of interpersonal relationships, love, finding a partner are relative to me. I love to study people and communicate with them.