Medical marijuana is the talk of the town and people are joining in the conversation. Many states and countries have changed their laws about marijuana use and it has helped the scientific community explore the plant's effects and benefits. Still, there are places and people who don't support the movement. So if you plan to travel locally or abroad, make sure you know what you will be up against should you be caught. It's actually preferable that you don't travel with marijuana at all. Many prefer to buy weed online instead of traveling with it because it’s safer.

By Plane

It is never a good idea to travel with drugs by air. One, not many states and countries have legalized marijuana as of yet so better safe than sorry. But if you must, here are some helpful tips.

1. If you have to travel by plane and you will be carrying your medical marijuana, consider bringing marijuana that's not so obvious in the event that you are searched. Opt for capsules, tinctures, or even edibles when you really have to travel by air. Never attempt bringing buds or flowers with you in your flight. TSA agents don't normally search for marijuana or other drugs; they mostly screen for safety concerns. But if they do find illicit drugs with you, they will most likely refer you to the local authorities. This has been the common practice in place especially in large airports.

2. Pack your medication right. This means putting them in containers and packages that are secure and checking them in for the flight. If you have to take your medication with you in the cabin, then I suggest packing them with your toiletries to avoid detection especially if you are traveling somewhere weed is still illegal. Avoid bring vape pens and using them in flight. Smoking in any form is strictly prohibited during flight and might land you jail time and heavy fines should you get caught doing it.

By Road

Traveling by road is preferred over air travel when you have medical marijuana with you. But there are still risks especially when you're traveling from a legal state into a non-legal state. Here are several tips to keep in mind.

3. Keep it out of sight. Put it in the trunk of the vehicle if you have to. Pack it in such a way that it isn't too obvious. You can put it together with your luggage in a nondescript container.

4. Never ever use while you're driving, even if you're just the passenger. Police usually patrol borders between legal and illegal states and will be on the lookout for people who might be carrying marijuana, even if it is for medical purposes.

5. Know the status of marijuana to the place you're traveling. This applies mostly in the United States. While the growing number of legal states is encouraging, there are still parts of the country that vehemently refuse to lift their ban on marijuana even for medical reasons. Traveling into these states with medical weed is going to be risky so know what you're getting yourself into.

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