So much has been said, written and quoted about "thinking out of the box" must be the cliché of the last decade AND is still used a lot!What does it really mean? Obviously, it's about having a bigger perspective, allowing your mind to expand beyond its natural boundaries.

Bottom line, it's all about your MINDSET. Changing your mindset can be a challenge, but the rewards are reaped in all aspects of who you are as a person and what you can accomplish in life ...your one and only precious life. Here are some tips to Changing your Mindset:

1) BE POSITVE. This means learning to listen to what it is you're telling yourself about yourself. If it's negative, you need to SWITCH. When I say SWITCH that means becoming aware of having a "switch" button and being able to hit that SWITCH and moving from the mindset of negative thoughts to positive affirming thoughts. You can train yourself to this awareness and it can be as subtle as the SWITCH button. Your "feelings" will be your barometer!

2) JOURNAL YOUR DREAMS. Write down what it is you want in your life, your business, your relationships. There is GREAT power in the written word and taking the time to actually write it down is important. I remember over twenty years ago writing down what I wanted in a home (my first) and then my daughter finding that sheet of paper some ten years later and saying "look Mom at all the things that came true from the list!" It felt like "magic" to both she and also to me. Be specific. Again allowing yourself to put down exactly what it is you want. Keep going back and expanding the list. Repeat this process at least three times over a period of time each time allowing yourself to expand your list and ask for what you REALLY want.

3) FIND YOUR CHEERLEADERS. We all need to surround ourselves with people that believe in us, our dreams AND support us in positive ways. Don't be shy; find those people in your life. This may even mean moving on from some relationships that are negative and not supportive or at least realizing the limitations of those relationships. It may also mean learning to ask for what it is you need from your support system.

4) BE READY TO MAKE THE MOVE. You've put it out there, believed it was coming, are listening for the clues and now it's time to take action. When something happens that is in line with what it is you are wanting, move with the flow. The Law of Attraction loves action! You get a phone call from a friend that mentions something you were just thinking about an hour ago and it confirms that you need to call a certain person, pick up the phone and make that call! Listen to that small voice within and TAKE ACTION.

5) MAKE IT A YES MOMENT. When something happens that is in line with what it is you want, use a GESTURE that works for you to show that you recognize that this is a BIG AAHA! It might be a big YEA or a WOW or a jump up and down and pat yourself on the back. MAKE IT SOMETHING PHYSICIAL and MEANINGFUL for you. This gesture will really change your vibration and put you in line with what has just come to you and raise your energy to receive the next thing in motion.

Author's Bio: 

Anita G. Wheeler is the CEO of Anita G. Wheeler International, LLC, an exclusive company committed to empowering entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in launching wealth-building businesses based on their unique talents and passion. She is a master coach for business owners and corporations. She is also a passionate entrepreneur with numerous successful businesses over the past 20 years. Anita has been named one of Atlanta's Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs.

Her creative programs include Millionaire Mindset for Entrepreneurs, Millionaire Mindset Vision Day, Teleseminars, Live Events and One-on-One "Premier" Coaching with Exclusive Clients. She is the author of the book "The Law of Attraction is NOT a Secret" and the E-Book "How to Use the Law of Attraction."

Anita resides in North Georgia on a farm and is an avid gardener, animal lover and luxury marketing Real Estate Broker.