If you're having difficulty renting your home, don't panic. There could be several reasons for this, and there are many ways to make your rental more attractive to potential tenants. Follow these tips to get a good tenant and get them to choose your home. You'll have your rooms rented in no time. These 5 steps are the best ways to find renters for your rental property.

Take & upload quality photos on RentRoom

In general, the unit's photos are the first thing that catches the tenant's attention, which is why it is important to have high-quality photos of the property. Put yourself in the tenant's shoes: do you prefer to live in a dark and cold place or in a warm and welcoming place? Photos of your property are the starting point for potential tenants and they are likely to use them in deciding whether or not to rent your flat or not.

You can hire a professional or learn how to take good room photos. Whatever you choose, just make sure the photos are of high-quality before uploading them on RentRoom.

Good photos add legitimacy to your property. This will be the key to finding high-quality tenants from our website, as they have certain standards in terms of the effort that landlords and real estate companies invest in their room offers.

Add images that do the rooms justice. Crisp, clean and beautifully framed images give potential tenants an idea of what the property actually looks like and how it looks when furnished.

Detailed Listing

One of the best ways to rent your home faster is to create a detailed, well-written listing. Make sure you are as specific and complete as possible. Renters usually know what they're looking for, and if your description meets all their criteria, you'll have a tenant in no time. If you do not know how to list your home for rent, hire our professional room stager to get the job done for you. Here are few things to state when creating your rental description:

• Room dimensions
• Carpeting or hardwood flooring
• Patio or balcony
• Dryer/washer in-unit or on-site
• Public transport nearby
• Neighborhood vibe

Play Up Its Strength

Perhaps your rental property has a garden and it's located in an area where those are scarce. Or maybe there's a laundry room or walk-in closets in the units, hardwood floors, or granite countertops. Inform potential tenants of all the perks they will get by renting your rooms.

Be sure to point out the specific aspects of the house or apartment that make it unique during a site visit. Explain why the unit is a great place to live and play up its assets.

Updated Appliances

If you are having difficulty renting your house or apartment, the problem may be that your appliances are out of date. Shiny new appliances can play a big role for tenants, especially in the kitchen. Think about it, who would want to cook on a stove from the 1980s if they could choose a rental property with stylish, new appliances? When creating rent my room
listings, be sure to state that you have updated appliances.

Update the refrigerator; Old refrigerators need to be recycled because of the materials they are made of.

Replace the cooker and oven. Try buying this and the fridge from a store for a bulk discount or buying directly from a warehouse/retailer for a lower price.

Paint the interior and exterior; Fresh color on your walls can make a big difference.

Offer a Move-in special

Money speaks! If you really want to get tenants fast, provide a special move-in discount. Landlords or property managers often make these offers to get tenants to sign a lease.

Consider Waiving the Security Deposit for Potential Tenants

Suggest a lower rental amount in exchange for a longer rental period. The lower rental price makes the house attractive and you are sure of a long-term tenant.

Waive the registration fees. Even though it's small, it's something tenants can remove from their list of associated costs with moving to a new location.

These tips are a starting point for renting out your home. If you're still having trouble, consider RentRoom. They have a feature that lets you advertise your property to millions of tenants who are looking to rent room with just one listing. You even have access to the renters screening tool, which you can use to manage your screenings and background checks.

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