It’s true that ectomorphs are the hard-gainers. They have their genes to blame. However, if they are hopeless and wondering how to gain muscles for skinny guys at home, they just have to brace themselves up. Giving hope, not training too hard and not eating the right food will keep you skinny till the end day of your lives. Here are the 5 tips of help for you.

Eat all High Calorie Healthy Food and not Just Proteins:
You need to aim for a gram of protein per pound of the body weight you have daily. Protein is not the holy grain that will help you gain muscles. If you are skinny aim at putting on weight first y taking in the starchy carbs like rice, oats, potatoes etc. The other calorie rich food that you can take are nuts, seeds etc. Begin with eating just the right stuff.

It is Better to Get Trained in the Right Way and Not in a Hard Way:

Muscle growth can be stimulated with only a few exercises. They should be done right and with heavy weight and they should also be able to activate as many muscles as possible. Aim for 3-4 moves per session only. Make them easy and in your routine workouts try to isolate every muscle. Do not do the same moves. Aim at one set of muscles one day and another sex the next day.

Rest is Important:

You need to trigger the secretion of growth hormone in your body which is possible only when you are in sleep. Get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. In between the workouts you need to get massages or you can make use of foam rollers to work out the knots that you get in your muscles. This will help in increasing blood flow and make it a part of your routine every day.

Keep a log:

The main focus of this program is to increase your strength. You should be striving towards adding more weight or the reps. Your muscle size increases when your strength goes up with time this way.

Weigh yourself at least Once a Week:

Do it at least once a week, in the morning and before you use the toilet or eat or drink anything. Aim at gaining at least a pound of weight per week.

People who wonder how to gain muscles for skinny guys, ectomorphs or hard gainers just have to be focused and determined first.

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