Over the past few decades, filmmaking has developed a brand new aspect and that is personal branding. However, producing marvelous videos and sharing beautiful stories isn’t just enough. You have to enhance your digital presence to achieve success. 

Some big marketing influencers claim that social media platform such as Instagram is the favorite digital portfolio for many photographers, directors, filmmakers. 

So, if you’re a filmmaker, you must learn the tips to create a portfolio, develop an audience, attract and collaborate with other businesses online. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 tips to build and promote your filmmaker brand on Instagram. 

Build Relationships

One of the best and most effective ways to improve growth on social media platforms is building key relationships. Not only will they provide you experiences but also important knowledge about contact quality and quantity. Social media platforms work as the extension of real lives. Hence, you must take the various opportunities of digital life. No matter if you become successful or not, these relationships will last for a long time. 

Connect and build a relationship with as many people as you can. However, make sure the people you’re connected with are relevant to your niche. You can also exchange and share experiences worth them to strengthen the bond. When you become open to people, you’ll be amazed by noticing the opportunities. 


It’s a fact the competition on Instagram is high. The social media platform is super crowded with more than 1 billion active users. However, there is still; a lot of vacant space to showcase your vision as well as work. The best way to stand apart from the crowd is by showing your creativity and uniqueness. 

You must develop a plan before you start leveraging Instagram. That being said, you should conduct organized and truthful experiments to boost your plan. Make sure your goal is worth the efforts so that you won’t feel any distraction. Apart from remaining motionless, it’s always better to start experiments. Try to experiment with strategies to know which one is suitable for your filmmaker brand or which one ideal for your niche. 

Learn From the Professionals

It’s always beneficial to take inspiration and motivation from the best players as well as professionals from the industry. You might become inspired by their work, but don’t start copying them. Do this and you’ll lose all of your respects and your efforts will go in vain. You might take the idea from everyone, but you should create style through unique, attractive, and recognizable ways. This will help you to get noticed. 

Additionally, don’t waste time comparing yourself with other famous artists. They didn’t achieve success overnight. All the professionals are working for a long time and they were once a beginner just like you. As soon as you accept that you’re different from them, you’ll be able to work without any headaches. Worrying will only make you an overthinker and take the enjoyment away from you. 

Be Consistent With Your Content

Once you’re done defining your focus, the next step is to determine the content you want to share. First off, make sure your Instagram account is listed as a business profile. Read through various insights and analytics to gain knowledge about potential audiences and their perspectives. Try to gather the necessary information for your experiment that can improve both your time as well as the frequency of your posts. Remember that the ranking of your Instagram profile is dependent on the number of likes, comments, and followers. Hence, apart from uploading content regularly, you also need to interact with other profiles. You can also buy real Instagram followers to speed up the process.

Try to post at least 3-4 content each day. Undoubtedly the work is hard, but it will strengthen your relationship with your followers. So, if you’re dedicated to starting a new journey on Instagram, post your exceptional and most attractive content once in three days. 

Use Hashtags

If you use the hashtags correctly, it will become your ultimate and most powerful weapon to boost your Instagram page. Hashtags are often created from different keywords. However, each hashtag carries a unique meaning. So, you should be cautious before applying hashtags. You can also create your hashtags but it will take time to make them famous. However, once they become a little popular, convince your followers to use your hashtags. This will increase your brand awareness as well as the visibility of your Instagram profile. 

Additionally, experiment with various hashtags to know which will work best for your posts. This will not only help you to index your profile on the platform but also help you to expand your reach and attract new followers.


These are the 5 tips you need to keep in mind while building your filmmaker brand on Instagram. Always focus on creating an attractive Instagram profile that will showcase your personality. You can add hashtags on the Instagram bio, but don’t end up adding too much or it will look clumsy. Apart from that, don’t neglect to reply to comments and direct messages. Although it’s impossible to reply to all of them, try to engage with as many audiences as you can. 



Author's Bio: 

I am Alexander Fernandise