The Portuguese language is regarded as the 7th most widely spoken & prominent language in the globe presently with approximately 220 million native speakers everywhere and the official language of 7 countries. Many people are learning the language, trying to gain fluency & reach a certain level of proficiency in it. Some do it for their career and business while others do for traveling reasons & personal pleasures. Some people want to establish command over the language because their parents, children, relatives & friends live in Lisbon.

For mastering the language some rely on books while others opt for an online Portuguese Language Course in Kolkata. In this article, we have put together 5 tips to become a fluent speaker in the Portuguese language.

Choose the right app
Tech-savvy learners prefer apps for an enriching and stimulating experience in learning a new language. They consider various foreign language learning apps that feature in-depth daily lessons, vocabulary builders to learn new Portuguese words fast, real and conversations with Portuguese native speakers to gain fluency.

Take a course
Many people consider undertaking a Portuguese Language Course in Kolkata as the best way to master the language & acquire knowledge in grammar & vocabulary. A good course enables candidates to learn various facets of the language within a few weeks or months of training. The classes are led by instructors who offer rigorous lectures, tutorials, topic notes, workshops, etc. They also provide their valuable feedback by assessing the strengths & weaknesses of learners and ways to improve further.

Select the right language
There are two different derivatives of the Portuguese language – European and Brazilian. Unless one wants to relocate to Brazil, they need to make sure they learn the European version. It is popular and will come in handy if someone is looking to build a career in diverse industries or take a trip to Lisbon.

Bring excitement & keep boredom at bay
Activities like watching Portuguese movies, TV shows, programs, and short videos or listening to Portuguese music with English subtitles are a great way to learn & keep drudgery away. They are good platforms to introduce learners to new words & phrases & expressions thus improving the vocabulary & stock of words.

Practice speaking regularly
Taking part in conversations with online friends will help learners to practice speaking Portuguese, but if that’s not possible they can even talk to themselves by standing in front of the mirror. It will help them find out their mistakes, weaknesses & deficiencies. As mad as it sounds, expressing thoughts in the target language can help learners master it quickly. Going for a Portuguese Language Course in Kolkata will help learners get practical lessons & real-life lectures from native trainers & speakers which is ideal for honing skills.
Hopefully, the tips mentioned in the article will be useful for the learners and fulfill their learning goals aster. Following them by combining them with hard work, dedication, and perseverance will surely bring success.

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