Choosing a WordPress theme is one of the first and most important tasks you face in a new WordPress site. The design of your site will have a lot of weight to achieve or not attract the audience you want.
Today there is such quantity and quality in WordPress theme that the perfect or almost perfect theme for you exists, for sure.
I hope to help you with 5 tips so that you could buy best wordpress theme for your new website.

5 Tips to Buy Best WordPress Theme

1. What kind of website do you have or want to create?
The first thing you should be clear about is what type of content you want to publish on your website because this has a high impact on the type of design that will be the most appropriate for that content.
If you want to create a blog website then you have to choose such kind of theme that will match with the website subject, and if you want to create an online store website then you have to choose a theme that will match this kinde of website. For example, the WordPress Elements theme will be good for arranging the blog website’s home page attractive way, and if you create an online store website then the Whmcs theme will be best choice for this kind of website. So the theme has to be chosen depending on what kind of website you want to create.

2. Is it a responsive WordPress theme?
In recent years, the rise in % of mobile device traffic has been simply brutal.
Statistics show that it has already taken the lead to desktops and laptops.
“Responsive” refers to the WordPress theme being an adaptive design, which is capable of adapting as well as possible to the device on which it is viewed.
This will often imply that you mock up the different contents when viewed on a mobile device with a reduced screen than on a personal computer.
Today, virtually all topics are responsive. However, make sure that this is the case and check it out at a specialized site like Responsive Design Checker.

3. Is it well designed to load it fast?
One of the biggest reasons for abandoning your blog, how can it be otherwise, is its loading speed. Most users will leave within a few seconds if your pages do not load reasonably fast.
In this, apart from your hosting, your WordPress theme is going to be a decisive factor since there can be a lot of difference between one and the other in terms of how “heavy” they are for the server. It is true that optimizing your blog well with a good cache plugin, optimizing images and applying advanced measures such as a CDN, you can alleviate this issue to a large extent, but still there may be important differences between one and the other topics.
Therefore, if possible (if there are test downloads, etc.), test the issue, for example, with the Pingdom speed test bench.
Choose premium WordPress theme instead free, you will get better result for speed issue.

4. Do you take care of SEO?
WordPress itself is already very “SEO friendly” and, therefore, in principle in any WordPress theme it should be possible to assume that it takes care of SEO (clean structure and code, correct use of h1, h2 tags, etc.).
In my opinion, a topic should not go beyond simply select SEO friendly theme.

5. Price / license
It is no accident that I put this point as the last one because the vast majority of the topics are usually quite affordable. The price range of WordPress moves, more or less, between 20 to100 dollars. They should not be amounts that prevent you from buying the item you really want. Therefore, if it is the theme that really fits what you need, save on coffees and canes, but do not save here, it is not the place.

And remember: be very careful with free themes when they are not from a trusted source.

So, I hope these 5 tips will help you to find the best one for your new website.

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