Marble is a beautiful stone that has a wide variety of applications across several industries. Spanning from bathroom floorings to kitchen countertops, it’s a versatile stone that is precious material for many stone entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, it is a durable piece of rock, but marble can wear and tear if it is not properly looked after. In fact, marble is a softer stone which is susceptible to chemical etching, staining, and chipping. Therefore, it is highly important to keep proper maintenance of marble, granite and stones. Here are five different ways which can help stone suppliers to sustain the marble life effectively.

1. Maintain consistent schedule of cleaning

Make sure to clean the marble regularly to keep it free of debris. Dirt particles and rubbing of sand often cause tarnishing on the marble stone. Marble is also susceptible to water spots; therefore, it’s vital to wipe down its surface properly.

However, there is number of amazing marble cleaners; you can use to clean the marble. Don’t use vinegar or any other high acidic solutions to clean the marble because it can result in chemical etching of the stone. If you have a large quantity of these natural stones, then consider using PH-neutral detergent or soap which is safe for the natural stone. For black marbles like Belgium Black, acetone substrate is efficient to use.

2. Watch out Spills

Protect your marbles from juices, wine, and soft drinks because their spots can cause havoc on the surface of marble if spots are not cleaned up instantly. When cleaning up stains, avoid wiping or rubbing motion. Use marble cleaner with warm water to rub the stains. Therefore, don’t allow your employees to take soft drinks or similar wine stuff around inventory shelves or warehouse.

3. Avoid putting heavy objects on marble

Do you know, Marble is more fragile than it appears? The metal of pans and pots even pants and jeans can scratch marble surfaces if not cared properly. Additionally, save your marbles from hot objects too.

4. Polish your marbles on daily basis

Don’t forget to polish your marbles on a regular basis. Polishing natural stones can extend their life cycle. There are various polishes of marbles available in the market. Marble polish creates a protective layer that can remove stains and chemical etching effectively. You can acquire a heap of high-quality marble polishers for stock of natural stones. This small investment can save lots of your maintenance cost.

5. Hire Professional Services

Some companies hire professional services for marble restoration and finishing purpose. Although, there are a number of refinishing kits available in the market. These kits include all the stuff you need to refinish, buff and clean up the marble to look like a new. The outcome will depend upon the current and actual quality of your marble. However, the more frequent you restore and refinish your marble, the more likely it can sustain its natural looks in the long-run.

Marble may seem like strong stone, but in fact, it is soft as compared to other stones. By implementing the procedures mentioned above of marble care and employing the right cleaning products, one can make his marble shine like the new stone for many years to come.

Additionally, you can also see different blogs and attend business conferences to stay updated about what’s hot in marble care procedures. Attending conferences will enhance your thinking patterns to encounter current challenges associated with maintaining marbles quality effectively. Remember, if you don’t look after the stock of your natural stones, your investment on marbles will be at risk.

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