More and more people have now started working from home in recent years, especially after the Covid-19 outbreak; there is a sharp incline in it. According to the database, flex Jobs experienced a 50 % jump in traffic on their site as compared with a year ago.
Working from home increases your productivity, efficiency, and creativity and creates a better work-life balance. With all these benefits, it is a great idea to make a home office where you can do your work in peace, separate from all other household chores.
Here are some simple home remodeling and renovation tips you can make to create an ideal and functional home office.

1. Natural light and view:
When building an office or remodeling a room in your home for an office, it is important that the place where you want to build an office has enough natural light coming in, because it keeps you relaxed and focused on your work.

2. Add Greenery:
Add some greenery, it will give you a taste of nature, and enhance your workplace. Plus, greenery refreshes your tired eyes due to constantly watching the computer and also reduces the feelings of fatigue while working. Nature is not just about plants and flower, you can even add a water fountain in the window area that will south you spirit

3. Storage and Shelving:
Storage is something that is often overlooked by both office and home builders, although the lack of a proper storage system in the office can distract you from your work, and productivity gets affected. Therefore, it is important that you have shelving, a cupboard, or a cabinet where you can put all necessary and unnecessary things in order. All the things you use at work such as books, notes, pens, etc. remember to keep them close to you where your hand can easily reach.

4. Table And Chair:
A chair and a working table are the most important things for any office because you spend most of your time working on them. Remember to select a comfortable chair which is matching the furniture and the color of the room. A comfortable chair not only increases your productivity but will also help you keep your back strong and healthy.
When choosing a table, it is very important to consider how much space you have in your room. Obviously, a very large table will not suitable for a very small room. Also, always keep the table with the window so that fresh air and natural light keep your mood pleasant.

5. Wall Painting and Flooring:
Colors have a profound effect on our psyche. All colors have their own effects, so choose a color for office walls that give you a sense of joy and freshness during your work and do not make you feel bored. Light blue, Violet and grey are cool colors and will evoke feelings of peace and relaxation.
And, flooring planned for home office must be durable, practical, beautiful, and welcoming. Wood, stone, or iconic flooring, it will make the floor remain warm underfoot and you will be able to work in comfort all year round.

Author's Bio: 

Neil Smith is an experienced graphic designer, currently living in Ottawa Canada, who tries to bring a range of art and design disciplines to every project he works on. He has a bachelor’s in fine arts degree in graphic design from Carleton University. He loves fusing smart concepts with creative, and standard-based designs.