Many boomers between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day find exquisite enjoyment in the preparations, cooking, buying presents, singing carols and just generally spreading good cheer.

On the other hand, there are those of you who are not exactly Scrooge but VERY close. You decided to opt out of the obsessive commercialism surrounding the Holiday season. You’ve become numb to Christmas decorations in September, only toys and other such ads on TV, and the much dreaded Holiday parties. You’re thinking, “Must I carry a gift to ALL of these.” Remember, you can choose; take a gift or not.

Much like Scrooge, you find no joy in any of the things people are celebrating and just wish that it would be over! Celebrating the holidays for you becomes a gargantuan effort leading to stress.

This year can be different! You can stop obsessing, choose to become more ‘ho-ho’ like and enjoy the holidays with a few easy tips.

1. Set reasonable/seasonable expectations. You don’t have to do it all. Organize your time and prioritize your activities. Distinguish between urgent, important and “that would be nice.” Because you are at choice, make a list and choose your priorities.

2. Remember the things that bring you joy. Plan activities around those enjoyable things. Be sure to do the necessary steps (purchase tickets, invite friends and etc) in plenty of time to avoid stress. When planning for the entire family, give them the dates and times well in advance so that there is no confusion.

3. Do not overfull your calendar! Stress often comes because you’ve said ‘yes’ to too many activities. Are you joining friends for breakfast, lunch and dinner because you want to see them all? If this is not your normal weekly behavior, you might decide to limit them.

4. Be sure to take time for self; exercise, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. Give yourself a treat with a special massage, facial, manicure or pedicure. This gives you additional energy and uplifts your spirit because you’re taking care of yourself. Put a smile on your face and spring in your step.

5. Just because this is the season for giving doesn’t mean you must go overboard. Pace yourself, give gifts that bring you joy and have meaning for the recipient. Also, be open to receiving and accept graciously and gratefully.

Following these easy tips, and others that work for you, will ensure that you have blissful holidays. Boomers can finally choose to celebrate the holidays in the way that is best for them. Does that sound selfish? Okay, perhaps it is a ‘tad bit’ selfish, however, you have the right to be blissful. The more bliss you experience, the easier it is to share joy with your love ones. You can stop obsessing over the holidays!

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Inez Bracy, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author, Host of her own Radio Show, Living Smart and Well, and the resident Career Coach on Fox 4 Morning Blend TV show empowers women to live a lifestyle of choice. Sharing tips on workplace communications, finding the company you want to work for, or how to get back into the workforce after an extended period of leave. Inez also discusses how to turn your hobby into cash creating lifestyle you truly desire.