It goes without saying that driving in severe winter conditions can prove inherently dangerous. In fact, many even question if they should be driving at all, to avoid the risks.



However, if you must, then you might as well follow these important winter driving tips to cruise through ice and snow smoothly.


Follow closely!


  • As roads are slippery... “Lessen Your Speed & Increase Your Trailing Distance.”


When operating with a 4wd car it is important to allow for a longer trailing distance. Even if you use all-weather tires, it doesn’t stop the snow from accumulating in the grooves and lessening the road grip it has. So, to compensate for this, it is important to increase your trailing distance and decreasing your speed.


This gives drivers a chance to slow down and adjust if they do come faced with a perilous situation.


  1. When you’re forced to drive in snow and ice... “Turn On Your Low Beams And Windshield Wipers.”


Make it a point to switch on your low beams and windshield wipers. Clear visibility on a slippery road is very important. Use them regularly when driving during the day.


Whereas during the night time, it is best to use high beams to avoid interference with some other driver’s ability to see. But, if you stumble upon heavy snowfall, then it is best to go with low beams to prevent any reflection off the snow.


  • If you hit an icy patch...“Do Not Step On The Brakes Too Hard.”


A top-rated driving school in Blacktown will always educate the learners never to hit the brakes hard when the roads are not adequate or too slippery to drive. It is one of the core lessons which includes in their course training.


And the reason for that is, the car may slip and spin out of control. The right way to do it would be to ease off the gas and slowly tap the brakes. This will help steer the car in the direction to match the direction in which the rear end is sliding.


More importantly, drivers should stay calm and rely on their course training, as it is the only thing which could bail them out of this danger.


  • While driving over a slippery road...“Do Not Use Cruise Control.”


Using cruise control when driving in winter conditions may be a big risk as per most driving school instructors serving Liverpool. Every driver aims to maintain maximum control over their vehicle.


Using cruise control makes the driver instinctively hit the brakes hard while driving over ice and snow. This could lead to loss of control and possible collision or accidents.


So, try and limit the use of cruise control as much as possible!


  • Lastly, in cold conditions...“Press The Gas To Slowly Accelerate & Ease off It To Retain Traction.”


This is another crucial lesson which top driving schools will teach their learners. When the driving conditions are difficult; one should press the gas to slowly build up speed and gradually ease off the brakes to retain adequate traction.


And this is all because the roads tend to be slippery and for that, the car needs more time than usual to slow down for traffic halts or stoppage signs.


Hopefully, now that you are aware of these key driving school winter tips for new drivers use them smartly and STAY SAFE! 

Author's Bio: 

The author is an instructor in a quality driving school in Blacktown for years. And during this time, the author also educates the readers on the role of driving school instructors serving Liverpool in perfecting skills of learners.