It is no secret that smoking is injurious to health. There are so many health risks that are associated with smoking such as damage to the lungs, heart problems, low-quality blood, and reduction of fertility and shortness of breath. The risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases is also increased because of smoking.

Smoking is not a part of a healthy lifestyle so if you want to get rid of the side-effects of all the smoke you have inhaled you have to work on quitting smoking and indulging in healthier habits. You should get cigar smoke eater so that you do not become secondary smoker if someone else smokes in your house. Here get are some tips that will help you in reversing the effects of smoking.

Take the first step:

The first step to reversing the effects of smoking is to take the first step which is quitting. It is the first and probably the most difficult one. If you are finding the first step too complicated then it is better to consult a medical professional as a professional will be able to give detailed information on the best ways of quitting smoking. You cannot move to detoxing the body and getting rid of toxins such as nicotine, arsenic, tar, carbon monoxide and other chemicals if you are still smoking.

Drinking a lot of water:

Water is the healthiest drink, and the importance of plain water is often underestimated. Water is an excellent way of flushing out nicotine. Water is a natural cleansing agent as it helps in breaking down chemicals and getting them out of the body. Hydration is essential for healthy life and improves the function of the kidney which helps in quickly eliminating toxins from the body.

Cleansing with garlic:

Garlic is an excellent cleansing agent and efficient in getting rid of nicotine and other harmful chemicals that enter your body when you smoke. Garlic cloves contain allicin which is good for cleansing lungs and keeping them healthy. If you are not a big fan of garlic, then you can add it to other foods such as meat and vegetables so that you do not taste it. You can also find garlic supplements if the smell of garlic bothers as they are odorless. They are easily available in pharmacies and health stores.

Drink teas:

Tea is goof for health an excellent beverage choice for eliminating smoking side effects. Green tea is full of antioxidants which help in detoxifying the body and repairing the damage done by smoking. Drinking three cups of green tea a day is good for health. Other types of teas are good for health such as peppermint tea, white tea, lemon tea and other herbal teas. All of these teas are good for detoxifying the body.

Eating fiber-rich foods:

Fibers are good for health, and they are effective in getting rid of toxins that are accumulated in your body when you smoke. High-fiber foods are also good for lowering risk of colon cancer. You should include foods such as green leafy vegetables, peas, cabbage, beans, kale, brown rice and whole grains in your daily meals.

Apart from eating healthy you should also include exercising in your daily routine, and you will be able to counter side-effects of smoking cigarettes.

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