We wish to have all the nooks and crannies of our abode to be adorned like a princess so that no matter where we take the selfie it comes out gorgeous!

With this, I have come up with a DIY that you can use to adorn the 4 seater dining table set amazingly.

P.S. this tip can be used for any sized dining table set but here I am going to use 4 seater.

You might have bought the 4 seater dining table because of the floor space constraint or because you have a family of four. This doesn’t mean that you have to restrict yourself from adorning it with all the decorative items.

From candles to flower vases, we will use everything to give your table a makeover, which is frugal as well as interesting.

As a creative mind can do wonders, even with small size, we are going to explore the ‘summer’ theme for our beautiful 4-seater dining set. Read them below:

1. Adding summer vibes first - flowers and plants:
What else can give a cool vibe in the hot summer, then a bouquet of flowers and a natural small plant? Then, let’s add this bright and fresh collection over the beautiful solid wood 4 seater dining table.

Add a glass vase and put all the flowers in different colours in it. And, for more greenery effect add indoor plants.

Spray some water for fresh and watery appeal.

2. Don’t forget the fruits:
Well, summers are all about mangoes, plums, litchi, cherry! So, why not use them as a decoration? This will bring summer on your plate.

Place a pretty knitted basket and assemble different fruits on it. Make sure all the fruits are properly placed and covered too!

The most interesting thing about this decoration is that you can eat it too! Put it in the desert and enjoy the yummy delight.

3. Scented candles and potpourri:
Lemon, sandalwood, bergamot and peach are the aromas that you have to choose for the scented candles you will assemble on the dining table.

Get small to tall heightened scented candles and arrange them in a circle on the 4 seater dining table set.
And, if you don't like strong smells then go for the light version - potpourri. This is dried flowers and smells divine, plus these are the most frugal and straightforward way to deck up the table.

Make the ambience shine with this arrangement.

4. Table mats, skirts and table runners:
The things that will add the wow to your 4 seater dining table sets are table runner and table mats. But only those which are coloured in a similar cool tone in this harsh sunny weather.

Get green or blue table mats and a white table runner, this combination will give a beautiful and soothing makeover to the table. And, if you wish to add patterns or prints then go for strips and floral!

This will dress up your table for a summer trend!
Also, go for the trendy table skirts to add a tinge of royal and regal vibe while also maintaining the ‘sweet summer look’. Drape it around the table and see significant changes.

5. Sugar pots and salt cellars:
Don’t forget the necessity! Get fancy and colourful salt cellar and sugar pot or some glass jars with fancy silver covering, to keep all the required ingredients next to you.

For a visual treat, get some interesting designs which are available online in discounted price tags.

4 seater dining table set is versatile and amazing for compact apartments or smaller spaces. The above mentioned steps guide you through some of the most frugal, creative and effective ways to add summer to the table!
Also, think of some ideas and put creativity on top!

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