With 12-24 million online stores in the world, only 650,000 among them make more than $1000 of the annual sales. Why?

So, with a dropshipping business, you have to make sure that your strategies are helping you to scale in the competitive market. The shopping giant, Amazon, started using the dropshipping business model since 2011. So, it’s no longer a new concept for the online store. But if you’re starting a dropshipping business, you have to make sure that you’re taking the leads in the cutthroat competition.

In this article, we will share top marketing tips to grow traffic on your website and increase the engagements so people can learn more about you.

Let’s start learning them.

Build the Customer Reviews Section on the Website There are a ton of dropshipping Canada businesses, what differentiates you from the rest of the pack is the customer stories on your website. If a new visitor comes to you, he will be convinced by the fact that you have added value to your customer experience with your services.

Customer reviews are reported to be beneficial for increasing customer engagement on your site and empowering the client’s decision. For example, if a visitor is 30% convinced from your website, the customer testimonials, ratings or review will help him to lock his decision. So, you should leave the review sections empty. Whenever you’re done with successful delivery, always ask the customers to drop you feedback on the services. It’s good for increasing your word of mouth advertising and your online business reach.

Utilize your Facebook Reach by Running Ads

According to Facebook Investor Relations, there are over 2 billion active users on Facebook with a diverse audience and content on various niches. It means that you can get a large audience for your dropshipping business. So, by running Facebooks Ads, you can increase the virality of your business. For example, you can choose the spaces, audience, region and format of your ads and customize it according to the requirements.

And the good thing is that these Facebook Ads are affordable. After running the ads, you can collect your customers' data and work on the areas which are receiving more engagements for your business. But after you run the ads, don’t jump to the results as the ads take time to draw engagement. You can also use video content and target ads to the people in your contact list.

Work on Video Content

Although for a small dropshipping business, creating videos can be a challenging part but if your ideas are unique, you can maximize the traffic within less time. By 2021, online videos will make up 80% of the traffic, so it’s the right time to switch to video marketing.

You don’t need to keep the content relevant to your services only, you can also share the tips and tricks and educate the audience about your business. For example, you can create glimpses of the business in a short video and then direct traffic to your website to learn the comprehensive details. This will grow your website traffic. You can also seek help from a digital marketing agency to create a video relevant to your business.

Turn your Visitors into Subscribers

A visitor comes to your website for a short span, the email pop-ups are the best to convert your visitors into subscribers. If your visitors are done with viewing your site, you can incentivize them by pop up banners or rewards that converts them. When you get successful in collecting the emails, you can nurture those leads with email marketing.

Email marketing is the oldest yet beneficial marketing strategy to make the mindset of your customers. By adding a call to action in the end you can direct traffic to your website. This way, your dropshipping business can gather the revenue for your business.


Blog marketing is the best medium to win your audience's trust in you. It’s also an effective SEO strategy as it gains your visibility in the search engines. You can’t only generate traffic through your blog for your dropshipping business but can also increase the sales. By staying consistent in your blogging efforts, you can gradually increase your business presence.

These five tips are geared to grow your business sales. I hope you find it easy to implement. If you have any questions, feel free to share in the comments section below.

Author's Bio: 

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing expert & a guest blogger on various websites. He is a passionate digital strategist. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.