If you have a bad car then you have a hard time for about 2 hours everyday. If you have a bad job then you will have a hard time for about 8 hours a day, if you have a bad relationship then you will have a hard time all day long!

Relationships are a vital part of our lives, if we didn’t manage to handle them correctly then we will end up feeling bad most of the time and we will reduce the chance of experiencing happiness to a great extent.

So how can someone have a healthy relationship? Here are some tips:

1) Openness vs. honesty: Honesty is telling the truth whenever you are asked while openness is telling the truth even if you were not asked! If you want to have a healthy relationship then you must be more open with your relationship partner else many problems will arise upon the sudden discovery of issues that were not discussed before.

2) Exerting effort: many people mistakenly believe that relationships don’t require exerting any effort. Most couples don’t have the same personalities and that’s why they both have to do some effort to change their behavior so that they can meet at a midpoint. Lets suppose that a man is always on time while the woman is always late. In such a case he has to do some effort to be a little more patient and she has to do some effort to speed up.

3) Discussing problems right away: one of the main reasons that result in problems between couples is that they ignore small problems and only discuss them when they become a real big issue. The best way to prevent pebbles from turning into mountains is to discuss these little issues as soon as you can so that you don’t allow them to grow.

4) Chemicals fade with time, most of the time: the affection a couple feels towards each other usually becomes less intense as the time passes. Now the big problem happens when relationship partners start to treat each other badly just because they don’t experience that same level of affection anymore. In most cases those attraction chemicals will reduce by time and so depending on them could be really dangerous.

5) Protecting intimacy: one of the factors that contribute greatly to relationships problems is the lack of intimacy. When each person starts to do his own hobbies and hang out with his own friends intimacy gets ruined and as a result the couple becomes distant. To protect intimacy inside a relationship the couple must do common activities together whenever they can and they should also spend more private time together

Stick to those 5 tips and you will certainly have a much healthier relationship

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