Selling on Amazon takes a lot of effort and engagement. We've prepared five simple tips to help you increase your sales :

Update your sales plan and inventory. If in 2020 you successfully closed the 4th quarter and reinvested the earned profit in the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2021, then in the long term you will be able to maintain a high level of sales. Invest some of your profits in Q2 restocking. Firstly, some buyers may not have time to buy the desired item if it was out of stock. Second, not everyone has used their Amazon gift cards yet.

Update your ad. If you have any seasonal inventory left over from the first and fourth quarters of last year, advertise on them. For example, items such as warm clothes, boots and other outdoor items are most often purchased during the winter holiday season. But nevertheless, they may be relevant in April (depending on climatic conditions and geographic location). You can highlight the top benefits of these products over the next few months and target shoppers in their respective geographic areas using targeted advertising.
Diversify your products. Try to diversify your products so that the essentials portion of your assortment is available year-round, or stock separately for each season so that you don't have a drop in sales speed.

Optimize your page with new features. If you are registered as a brand, then take advantage of all the new features that Amazon has to offer to help you manage and sell products. Now you can create low-cost videos on royalty-free sites and update your brand content to include short product reviews to give your customers more reasons why they should go to you instead of your competitors.

Build on successes. Think immediately about the next month, quarter, and even a year, and not just about the nearest sales. Build on your successes and start developing and selling additional products your current customers need. Get in the habit of creating a proactive business strategy, rather than reacting to competitors' actions, in order to feel confident that you know where your business is heading.

Long-term planning and forecasting requires accurate software. Use the amazon feedback service to stay in control of the direction your business is heading.

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