When things go out of your hands and adverse, then there is a need to prepare yourself both mentally as well as physically.

You must be physically fit and healthy to attain your mental peace and is necessary to boost your immunity system. The Immune system plays a significant role in one’s well being.

You may know some people who are prone to diseases and catch them without doing anything. Such people have a shallow immune system.

The immune system prepares warriors to battle against the diseases, and to fight against such conditions, you must have a robust immunity system. Here are some tips to boost your immunity.

Ways to Improve your Immunity

Eat Healthily

The first step to have strong immunity, you must have a proper diet and must abstain from junk food that includes fried, oily, and stale food. Eating such food makes the digestion process slow, and food gets stale in your stomach, which leads to various diseases.

Try keeping it clean and fresh like salad, oats, etc. You must try a liter vegetarian diet that gets digested easily. Avoid taking sugar, fats, and carbs in your diet. If the food is healthy, the body will be able to extract most out of it, and your body will squeeze energy out of it. It helps the body to utilize the power in defense mechanisms.

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2. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is the best way to remain healthy and keep your body parts functioning. As we know, our body constitutes 60% of water. Most of our body parts require water to function. Water helps in the removal of dangerous toxins such as medications. The primary function of drinking plenty of water is to cleanse your digestive system as a clean digestive system will find it easy to digest the food and extract the maximum nutrition out of it. Water helps you from dehydrating that may cause the failure of different body parts.

3. Exercise and Yoga

Exercise and Yoga is a great way to improve your immunity system. It keeps your body physically fit and mentally active. It helps in keeping you external as well as internal organs healthy. You can easily remove a considerable amount of toxins and prevent blood clotting. Various Yogic poses like “The Suryanamaskar” effectively help you in boosting your immune system. It helps in the active absorption of oxygen that makes the blood clean and allows your body to generate immune cells.

4. Meditation and Pranayama

The immunity of a person majorly depends upon the number of cells in the blood. Therefore, if you want to boost up your immune system, you have to purify your blood.

The exchange of gases takes place at the lungs, and the blood carries the oxygen to different body parts and contributes to better immunity.

Meditation and Pranayama help in focusing on your breath and relieves your nervous system and helps in the development of new immune cells, which helps you remain fit. It is a fact that these cells create antibodies for the bacteria, identify it in advance, and destroy it to keep you healthy.

5. Abstain from Alcohol and Tobacco

Alcohol and Tobacco are stimulants for the body. Smoking cigarettes block your airways, specifically, bronchioles through which the exchange of gases becomes almost impossible. Similarly, drinking alcohol on a daily basis leads to the failure of the liver. Due to it, the liver gets unable to produce bile juice that helps in digestion, which makes the immune system weak. Therefore, you must abstain from alcohol and cigarettes to develop your immune system.


Summing up, we come to the point that your Immunity System acts as armor to your body. It protects you from all those diseases that may prove to be deadly and hazardous. Improving your immunity by practicing these activities may help you adjust to the ever-changing environment and keeps you safe and healthy.

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