Anyone who has been in the event management industry long enough knows that planning and organising an event to go smoothly while overcoming all obstacles is no easy task. As an event organiser, you will invariably run into different situations and obstacles which would always require you to think on your feet and even plan 3 steps ahead to avert any potential crisis.
In order to keep things running smoothly, increasing the productivity of your event management company is imperative. Here are 5 tips to help you increase the productivity of your team:
1. Set strict but realistic deadlines for each task:-
Event management consists of organising little modules of tasks which need to be done and accomplishing them within a certain deadline in a certain way to ensure that things run smoothly on the big day itself. In order to manage this herculean task, you need to set very strict deadlines for each task; however, they should also be realistic. Set a deadline for a task and then think backwards, starting from the deadline, and ask yourself if you can complete the task within that date. You will learn to prioritize tasks and even have room for shifting your schedule yet meeting the deadlines.
2. Create a separate slot for ‘5-minute tasks’:-
There are a lot of small tasks you can accomplish in just 5 minutes. Keep a separate note of these tasks and complete them as you get a window of opportunity. One by one, you will see the small tasks disappearing from your to-do list if you tackle one small task at a time during a small break that you get. This lessens your burden substantially.
3. Use productivity tools:-
In the modern age of technology and tools at your fingertips, you should learn and know how to use little tools to increase your productivity as one of the budding event organisers. In fact, there are several free productivity tools you will find on the internet which you can easily download and use for your work. These tools help you communicate more effectively with your team, give your social media events page a boost, make payments easily, and so much more!
4. Manage your time better:-
Time management is one of the most important yet most difficult tasks for most of the event organisers. If you have set a schedule for your tasks, even a small lag in one task can cause your entire schedule to fall out of whack. It is important to learn how to structure your time so that you can complete your tasks, yet keep a window for the delay, without causing stress on yourself and your staff.
5. Break bigger tasks into smaller projects:-
Several big tasks always look more intimidating than a larger quantity of smaller tasks. Use this psychological trick on your own event management company. Break up the big tasks into smaller, more manageable and less intimidating looking tasks to complete them with ease.

So, these are the five most important productivity tips you can use for your event management company. If you follow them properly, the results can bring in tons of success to your company.

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