The beginning of the new year makes many of us feel like we can start over again. We are determined to lose weight, get rid of some bad habit, or spend more time with the family. We often make these resolutions because we feel we want to change something and move forward. However, it is easier to get motivated to do something than to keep it in the long run. We all know it well.
Rather than the word resolutions, I use the word vision
What are my visions for this year? What do I want to get rid of and what I want to develop in myself? Where am I right now and where I want to get?
Personally, I have been trying to work on a specific topic every year in recent years. Although there are more qualities and things that I would like to work on, most of the time I have one particular topic as the most important, thus my resolution. I actually spend some time thinking about this resolution between December and January. I write down (on paper) how it has constrained me in the past, why I want to change it, and what specific steps I will take along the path of change.
While it is clear that many people do not pursue their New Year's vision in the long run, it has been shown that people who take New Year's resolutions tend to change their behavior by 10 times more than those who do not set New Year's goals at all. Personally, I also think that only by making a sincere decision for something, we get this new vision of ourselves into our consciousness, and during the year we tend to do more about it.
Certainly, you also know that for greater success in working on your new resolutions, it is important to work, ideally, on only one specific topic or goal and to have well-planned “small step-by-step” manual that will gradually lead you to fulfill it. Do not set excessive goals or expect the self-change to happen in a month.
If you are already on the path of change, come and cheer up with these 5 tips that will remind you not to stop at any time.
1 Change is a process
Keep in mind that changes aren't happening from day to day, and sometimes from month to month. It takes everyone a long time to change their unhealthy habits. This is not a race you will complete in one moment. This is an option on the way to a better self. It's a way, it's a process. Once you've decided to change your behavior, it's something you'll work on for the rest of your life.
2 Initial impulse
If you are already faced with laziness, excuses, or falling into old habits, remember why you decided to take that resolution. What kicked you out to work on that particular goal? What motivated you? What has bothered you so much that you decided to change? Recall the original impulse. Close your eyes like you did for the first time while making this decision.
3 Critical - kind approach
Work on yourself as much as you can, but accept occasional failures. Failures and errors are part of the journey. Don't take them fatally, don't blame yourself too much. Learn to be reasonably critical, but also kind. For example, if you decide to exercise every day, work on it. However, if you're just sick or exhausted, let yourself to slow down and take a little walk or do “just” stretching. The important thing is to do something. Even small steps are steps on the way forward. Know when you are just laziness or old habit and when you simply need something really up to date. And be honest with yourself.
4 Supporting environments
Try to be surrounded by people who think similarly. With whom you can share your vision, your progress, but also small mistakes. With people who inspire you and lend a helping hand. But you also have to create a supportive environment yourself, one that pushes you forward on your way. You can read books, watch videos on the subject. Inspire yourself, always. Do not take steps against yourself. For example, if you are working on your body, do not buy sweets and junk food at home, which you will eat in times of crisis. Reject offers from others that pull you in the direction you don't want to go (this is also an act of self-love and firm will).
5 Gratitude
In order to have balance, motivation and energy, do not forget to thank from time to time for everything you have already done for yourself on the path of your new resolutions. Even if it was just a small step, thank you for it, praise yourself.
New Year's vision can be an impulse for personal growth. Of course, you do not have to set a new goal only in January, every day is a new day and you can decide to improve, change every day. The point is - not to stagnate and move through confrontation with its weaknesses. Scroll to a better version of yourself.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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Tereza Cervena is a Research Assistant at She is a Sales Management graduate and marketing enthusiast. If you don´t find her working on the data studies, she is reading books or somewhere in the nature.