Whether it’s your business requirement to ship products throughout the city or you are sending a precious gift to your loved one, you must ensure that the parcel reaches the destination without being damaged. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to do all the necessary checks before handling the item to the parcel delivery provider.

Here we have come up with a few essential tips so that you can be assured of safe parcel delivery.

  • Safe Packaging: Before the parcel leaves for delivery, you should check its packaging. As the item goes through multiple stages during transit, you must secure it with adhesives and cello tapes. While sorting, it will go through several machinery checks and loaded on a taxi in Cranbourne along with dozens of other items. Therefore, it’s good to send items in sturdy cardboard boxes that will protect it from collapse or tearing due to the excessive pressure.


  • Attach Proper Labels: Once you have wrapped your item properly, it’s time to attach the proper labels against each item. As the labels are fastened outside the wraps, therefore, it has the risk of coming off during the transit. If the labels come out, nobody can detect your item and it might be lost among the dozens of other items. Therefore, put the labels in a poly-pocket and secure with good packaging tape. This will keep it intact throughout the journey.


  • Avoid Prohibited Items: One of the crucial factors to consider while opting for taxi hire in Berwick is that you are not sending any hazardous item. Items that are susceptible to fire are strictly prohibited for parcel delivery. You might also have to pay a huge fine or undergo imprisonment if caught at the security checkpoints. Moreover, sending prohibited items can result in refusal of parcels or destroying of items.


  • Ensure Compensation Coverage: If you have opted for parcel delivery services, do not forget to ask for compensation coverage from the service provider. This is an extra step of securing your parcel against loss or damage during the transit. Before finalising your compensation coverage, go through the list of non-compensated items to ensure that the parcel delivery provider covers the items you are sending.


  • Give Correct Address: While entering your address details, there can be mistakes. Among all other parcel delivery issues, incorrect delivery details are a common mistake. To avoid such typical mistakes, always cross-check the delivery address before you hand over the parcel to delivery personnel. If you write incorrect address, your package will not only be refused but also the money you spent will be useless.

Final Words

When you are delivering a parcel, you need to take some precautionary measures from your end so that the item reaches in a safe and good condition.  From next time onwards when you ship an item, keep the above-mentioned points in mind. If you are sending an important document, check whether it is neatly packed and labelled before you handover it to the delivery service provider.

Author's Bio: 

The author is working in a postal delivery company that owns a fleet of taxi in Cranbourne and Berwick delivering parcel to the people.