People think that the most painful thing in life is losing the one you value.

1.The truth is the most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of valuing someone too much & forgetting that

2. In the present world, we move around with virtual relationships more than our blood relationship. We meet so many people in so many places and become part and parcel of their life. Especially people like me who are away from children and grandchildren enjoy with friends and the children whom we meet.

3. Friendship is such a relationship which we should definitely choose carefully because we reveal our character not only by the company we keep but also by the company we avoid. And once we choose a friend, the relationship should stand all the storms based on the foundation of Trust. Trust till the very end. Either you will end up with a very good lesson or a very good Friend….

4. We Never Know Why We Like Someone More Than Others...Why We Love Someone Without Any Reason...Why We Feel Happy Thinking About Their Presence...Because...Some Feelings Has No Explanation or Definition..!

5. There are some things which we can share only with some persons. We meet so many people in life but we become close only with some. With some it's hi and bye. Some give us so much importance and we have a special place in their heart. They miss us if they don't see us for a long time. Some are there who understand us so well and have no complaints about us.

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Hi, I am Sri Tulasi. Now I am writing my thoughts related to astrology, motivation. I am working as an online astrologer in my own running online astrology consultation.