Sadly, those days are gone when your dog would have the same piece of chicken or meat as you or he would survive on your leftovers.

Now, your pet needs to have his very own meal filled with all kinds of nutrients to make him healthy, wealthy and wise. That’s according to veterans’ and animal food manufacturers, of course.

I don’t know how true that is but I do know that because of the recent rise in animal products market, branding pressures have increased and companies need to make sure that they create a pet food logo that is cute, friendly and says ‘buy me!’ at first sight.

So are you a new animal eatable manufacturer and want to create a distinct trade mark for your business?

We have a few tips that will make the pet owner’s mouth water:

1.Use thick or curvy fonts:
Straight fonts give an impression of professionalism and formality to the design which is not the impression you want to go for when you design a trademark for mammal eatables. You need to create an aura of homeliness and comfort which can be achieved through use of thick or curvy fonts. You can use fonts like Snap ITC, Skater dudes or Hans solo as they are thick, informal and familiar.

2.Use animal illustrations - but don’t use clipart:
Using clipart in your business logo is like stabbing it with a knife. Not only are they generic and available easily to all, but they also lack quality and distinctness. Use mammal illustrations to give your design a wider scope for creativity.

3.Use pet mammal images in your brand mark
Even if you claim that your cat will act like a lion if it consumes your product, it’s never a good idea to use fierce creatures’ images in your brand mark as they create an impression of aggression on homely products. Instead, you can use images of beings that are cute and friendly like dogs, cats, rabbits and horses to make your business mark appealing.

4.Using baby animals in your animal food logos can make it more appealing:
If you’re thinking of using a dog image, use a puppy instead. If you’re thinking of using a cat illustration, use a kitten instead.
Cute and innocent looking baby mammals prompt a maternal feeling within us instantly making the product packaging more appealing.

5.Use colors that make you think of food:
Using food related colors can make your product instantly relatable and attractive to your customers. Red and yellow are appropriate colors as they represent energy, enthusiasm and happy times. The new trend in mammal eatables is the use of green color. Green represents environment and using that color in your brand mark makes the customer think that your company is eco friendly and that your product is natural and organic.

Follow these five cool tips and make sure that the pet owner makes a beeline to your product.

Author's Bio: 

Tammy Becker is a senior graphic design consultant at a professional graphic design company. For more information pet food logo please contact at food logos.