Traffic jams are time-consuming and therefore a source of low productivity in normal life and in business. As long as population increases and the number of cars increases on the few roads available, traffic jams are inevitable. The entrepreneur must therefore, be able to use the time spent in traffic jams to his advantage. It’s about not allowing the systems to limit you. As an entrepreneur, one of your greatest assets is time and there must be an effort not to waste the one at your disposal but to maximize it. Maximizing time will produce great results. We must know that it takes more than the normal to make it in business-that is why there are many businesses but not all are able to survive through the times, be it normal buying and selling, online marketing or MLM. Similarly, it takes more than just the desire to do your own business to become an outstanding entrepreneur. It is with determination, commitment and distinguishing yourself from doing the normal things in the area of entrepreneurship. Motivated by the passion to bring change, you must do things differently in order to get results. These are, but few steps to consider as you go through the jams:
1. Start work where you are: If you own your own car it helps. With the task of the day in mind, you should be able to work on some of your tasks such as drafting of letters or writing a script using your notebook/laptop or even a sheet of paper, reading through an assignment or a book. It could even be calls to your clients. The time therefore, you spend in the traffic becomes productive and even reduces the anxiety you go through as you look on for the traffic jam to reduce.
2. Read a book: A writer once said he did most of his writing and reading in his car as he went through the traffic jam. Sometimes when he arrive at events before the start of that event. It’s amazing the number of hours we spend in traffic and how these time could be channeled to productive use through reading. Just imagine, if you spend two hours in traffic jam every working day doing nothing, it implies you waste an average of 10-12 hours per week and about 40 hours per month. The quantum of information these hours could be used to acquire is enormous.
3. Relax the mind: Relaxation is medicine to the soul and mind. The mind is the innovative bank of every human being. When the mind gets tired the human being becomes unproductive. The period of hours in traffic can be used to relax the mind from fatigue and stress from previous night or previous task.
4. Set-off early: One could also decide to set off very early from home in order to “beat” the traffic jam. Setting off early will save time because there will be few cars on the street and the rate of mobility will be very high. You are able to get to your destination early and are able to relax before work or you start work early and that enables you to complete your task on time.
5. Learn to walk: Walking is a way of exercising your body. The benefit of exercise available to the human body is very enormous yet very few people would want to walk through short distances. Walking, especially for those who may not be driving their own car or using a public transport, is very useful. You could even decide not to use your personal car when you know you could walk that short distance.

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Entrepreneur and founder of Info-Pro Africa