Are you worried about dog fleas troubling your pet? Then just imagine what pain the dog must be going through. Dog fleas are actually very tough to get rid of, as these fleas are quite similar to the toughest creature on planet Earth- the cockroach.

It is believed that cockroaches have not changed their form since they first appeared on earth and fleas are as tough as cockroach, so it is a challenge to kill them. Here are some tips that will help you take this challenge easily.

Conquer dog fleas and kill them

  • Flea comb -

    Flea comb may not seem to be a powerful weapon in killing dog fleas but on the contrary, it is indeed the best way to kill fleas. Firstly, dog love grooming so combining them every day with a flea comb will give them that extra touch of love and care. Apart from this combing will easily swipe away and flea or tick that is hiding in among the dog’s fur. Ticks and dog fleas cannot escape from a flea comb.

  • Diatomaceous Earth -

    Diatomaceous Earth is a non-toxic flea medication but not to be applied directly on pet. Sprinkle generous amount of this earth over certain places of your lawn or garden where you are pet hangs out the most. Usually dogs and cats love to hide in bushes and play; it is from these areas that they encounter fleas and ticks. Therefore, by sprinkling generous amount of this earth all over the lawn will create a safe surrounding for your pets to play.

  • Vacuuming and washing -

    Vacuuming and washing cannot be ignored when you are striving hard to get rid of fleas and ticks. Vacuum everything in your house like bed, sofa, curtain, furniture, and even soft toys. Wash every other thing with hot soapy water including your cat and dog’s bedding. Follow these measures at least twice a week to get rid of dog fleas as well as their eggs.

  • Clean the yard -

    Do not forget to clean the yard of dead leaves and trim all grass and plants. Fleas love to stay in warm humid and shady places so make sure you remove their comfort zone. This is a very essential step and you must do this at all cost.

  • Use citrus spray -

    Lemon spray is an ideal flea medication and must be used all over the house and even on your pet. You can even mob the floor with this spray. Fleas do not like the smell of lemon or orange. In just hours after applying this, observe fleas and ticks being killed.

All these remedies will start action in just few hours.

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