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Do you find yourself resenting someone over what he or she did? Do you instantly feel bad when your partner isn’t able to take the call immediately? Worse, are you calling him or her several times a day? Do you feel your insecurities piling up, or does your partner or friend want to stay away from you as much as possible?

There’s a huge chance you have jealousy. Now don’t think jealousy is completely wrong. Even relationship experts believe that this emotion is good for any kind of relationship. It only means you do care about the person. It’s going to be extremely dangerous if it eats you up inside out, and it compels other people to stay away from you.

Here are 9 steps to slowly get rid of your jealousy:

1. Know the reason for it. Why are you jealous in the first place? Usually, it stems from your insecurity. You feel not beautiful enough, not good enough, not talented enough. First you should realize that there will always be someone better than you, but that doesn’t mean you’re not worth anything. When you know the reason for your insecurity, it’s easy for you to determine how to get rid of your jealousy.

2. Be open about it. There’s really nothing wrong about sharing your jealous emotions with the person concerned. He or she may even help quell your jealousy. Your husband can stay away from a particular colleague or a friend may stop bragging about something.

3. Accept that it’s normal. Don’t immediately freak out if you find yourself getting jealous. It will only make you feel agitated and anxious. It’s part of life. You just learn to control it once in a while.

4. Engage in other activities. A lot of these negative emotions show up when you’re practically doing nothing at all. So you better keep yourself busy to prevent your mind from thinking about it. You can meet new friends, engage in a favorite sport or hobby, or travel alone and explore the world. You can dabble on painting and writing.

5. Make yourself feel good. When you have a lot of positivity inside you, there’s no reason it will not show in your actions. Moreover, these positive thoughts can overcome the negative ones. How do you do this?

First, you take care of yourself. Eat right and exercise. Make yourself look beautiful and presentable. Just by doing that you increase your level of self-confidence. You can also use subliminal messages. Subliminal messages can be very powerful, especially if you’re going to use them properly. Subliminal messages are sometimes called positive reinforcements or affirmations. Take a look at the following subliminal messages:

I am a confident person.
I don’t have anything to be jealous about.
I can beat this insecurity.
I can do something to prevent myself from getting overly jealous.

You can repeat these subliminal messages over and over if you feel your intense jealousy kicking in. You will simply discover there’s really nothing to feel so jealous about someone or something.

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