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What happens when you do self-hypnosis? It’s one of the best ways to receive subliminal messages. When you’re having a hard time getting rid of emotional and even physical problems, you can make use of subliminal messages to help you out. These can come in any form, such as sound, image, or word. They go through your subconscious mind, a part of you that you have no control of.

Subliminal messages have the ability to become a part of yourself, and since they don’t require logic and decision, you tend to believe and act them out almost instantly, as soon as you can perceive them. Thus, if the subliminal message says “You have the power to get rid of your excess weight,” it becomes much easier for you to drop the unwanted pounds in different ways.


Here are some guidelines on what to do on self-hypnosis.

1. Find a good place where to do it. One of the primary requisites when doing self-hypnosis is silence. It’s imperative you can give the process your full attention or concentration. You will never be able to do it if there are external noises that would take you away from the moment.

2. Clear your mind. The subliminal messages will never have a chance to get into your unconscious mind if you feel cluttered mentally. Don’t think of your past or future. Just think about the now.

3. Relax. There are many methods in doing self-hypnosis, but it’s recommended that you find a place where you can lie down or sit properly. It’s essential that all parts of your body don’t feel uncomfortable or tensed. Otherwise, they would steal your attention, and they can cause cluttering in the mind.

It also helps you relax if you can practice proper breathing. Usually, it means taking very slow deep breaths. Be very much aware of every breath you’re going to take. Allow your lungs to fully expand and diaphragm to move.

4. Choose your subliminal messages well. During self-hypnosis the kind of subliminal messages you want to use are affirmations or positive statements. The purpose of this is to fill your mind with something good so you can get rid of all your negative thoughts and emotions. The subliminal messages can also empower or encourage you.

You can customize your subliminal messages to fit your situation. There are already a whole range of materials to assist you. You can purchase a CD with instrumental music and messages repeated over and over. You can also watch a video with the affirmations appearing on the screen as many times as possible. If it’s more convenient for you, you can download the mp3s and save them in your iPod or mp3 player. This way, if you have mastered self-hypnosis, you can take subliminal messages even when you’re out of your home.

5. Be patient. It’s normal to not immediately inculcate the subliminal messages in your mind. So make sure you can be patient enough. It may take a few more sessions before you can achieve some significant results.

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