Written by Traci Brosman

As we wrap up 2012, it is a good time to reflect on what we have accomplished this year and to begin thinking about what we want our life to look like in 6 months, 12 months and longer.

Before you jump forward to the planning part, take some time to look at what you have accomplished. This is extremely important because many times, we focus only on what we did not get done and we ignore all of the wonderful achievements that we have done.

Take a sheet of paper out and start writing down everything you have done well over the last year. Take it month by month and do not forget to include all areas of your life. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at your list.

I am sure you have heard the quote, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Now that you have looked backward, let’s begin making plans for your future success.

1. Write down your goals for the following, keeping in mind again all areas of your life. i.e. business, self, family, etc.
• 6 month
• 1 year
• 3 years
• 5 years

2. Write down why you want to accomplish each goal. Do not skip this step. This step is very important and it is one we often do not think of. If your why is not strong enough to get you past all of the obstacles and headaches you are likely to experience in accomplishing your goal than you will never achieve it because you will give up or you will not try hard enough. Is your why strong enough for each goal to make the commitment to do the daily/weekly tasks necessary to accomplish it?

3. With each of the above goals write down the beliefs, you must have to accomplish each of these goals.

4. With each of the above goals write down the beliefs that you currently have that will prevent you from achieving your goals. Are you willing to replace your limiting beliefs with belief systems that serve you? If no, let me ask you how well your belief systems are serving you now? They are what got you to where you are. Is this acceptable to you?

5. With your 6-month goals write down three steps that you need to do daily and/or weekly to accomplish your goals. Do this also with your 1 year goals.

You will have bumps in the road, instead of quitting just reevaluate and readjust your efforts. Find people who have achieved what you want to achieve and model them. Something else that will help you be on the fast track to reaching your goals is a coach. A coach will help you achieve things quicker and easier than if you try it on your own.

To Your Success!

Author's Bio: 

Traci Brosman has studied the mind and the role it plays in success, happiness and health for over twenty years. As co-founder of World Wellness Education she educates and inspires people to live healthier lives via her speaking appearances, TV shows, wellness tip videos, articles and conference calls.

Traci believes integrative medicine will become the medicine of first choice and not the medicine of last resort. This has led her to start Holistic Marketing Mentors and help wellness professionals create ease and flow in their business while increasing profits. Her clients learn to leverage their businesses so that they can help more people and not work twelve and fifteen hour days. Her powerful mastermind sessions are known to help participants break past barriers and stop the cycle of self-sabotage.

Brosman’s latest book, Mastering Your Wellness Business, gives you core business principles to running a successful wellness business and staying sane while doing it.