Recovering from any surgery is a highly individual process and experience. When it comes to breast augmentation, most patients are surprised that the recovery is less painful than they expected. Still, it is understandable that patients want to get back to their full activities as quickly as possible. Here are five tops to help speed-up breast augmentation recovery.

#1: Do Not Apply Anything To The Incisions

Surgical incisions require specific care and cannot be treated with first aid ointments and disinfectants like peroxide or antibiotic creams. The incisions are deeper than everyday surface wounds and thus applying these topical treatments can cause irritation or even an allergic reaction. This is true even in some cases where patients have used it before with no problem.

The only exception to this tip is if your plastic surgeon recommends applying something to the incision. There are some topical treatments surgeons will prescribe or recommend for incision care or scar prevention. Generally, these are not started until at least a week post-surgery.

#2: Get Housework Done Before Surgery

There is nothing worse than coming home from your Bellevue breast augmentation to a house that needs to be cleaned. Additionally, patients are instructed to rest and not perform any strenuous activities. While cleaning and housework may not seem strenuous, they can involve bending, stretching, and moving enough to break a sweat. Therefore, you should not do housework for at least three to four days and tasks that require lifting or exercise for at least two weeks.

Preparing your space for your recovery can not only allow you to physically rest, but can help you mentally and emotionally. Recovery can be surprisingly emotional and having a clean, welcoming space helps reduce stress and anxiety.

#3: Massage (Or Get Massages) The Breasts

Many plastic surgeon Bellevue providers will show and instruct patients to begin massaging the breast, usually within a few days to a week of surgery. This can help relieve swelling and help the breast implant settle. Not all surgeons recommend massaging and it may not apply in all situations.

Several plastic surgeons also offer ultrasound lymphatic massage for breast augmentation patients. This promotes manual draining of the lymphatic system which can help reduce swelling and make a patient feel more comfortable. These are usually performed in-office by a medical professional. This type of massage can also be done after other procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, and facelifts.

#4: Wear The Surgical Bra

After Bellevue breast augmentation, patients are usually provided a surgical bra. This is a soft, no-underwire bra that helps keep the breast supported without irritating the incisions or hindering the results. It is similar to a sports bra and sometimes patients can wear their choice of sports bra during recovery. However, this must be approved by their surgeon beforehand.

It may seem difficult to wear the surgical bra 24/7 for the first part of recovery. However, leaving the breasts unsupported can lead to asymmetry, more discomfort, and more scarring. Breast implants Bellevue also require time to settle and the surgical bra helps support them during this process.

#5: Walk, Don’t Run

As previously mentioned, strenuous activities and exercise should be avoided during a Bellevue breast augmentation recovery. This does not mean, however, that patients should not perform any activity at all. Getting up to slowly and carefully walk—perhaps with the help of a caregiver for the first day—helps prevent blood clots and can help keep you somewhat active.

Plan to get up and walk around your house every couple of hours at least. Jogging and light aerobic activities can often begin after two weeks if healing goes well. However, full impact running, exercise, and weight lifting will need to wait between six and eight weeks to resume.


Every patient’s breast augmentation recovery will look different. Medical history, health conditions, medications they take, and simply how their body reacts to the breast implants and surgery can all impact breast augmentation recovery. Making sure to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions and follow up with them if you have questions or concerns is one of the most important things you can do to support your recovery.

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Dr. Jonov is a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in plastic surgeries of the face, breast, and body at Seattle Plastic Surgery.