Stay safe when going out with 5 easy tips.

Getting arrested is an event most do not plan for and can be an inconvenience not only for the person in trouble but their loved ones as well. For someone who likes to go out to clubs or bars knowing what to avoid and how to plan ahead can save time, money and a hard earned life lesson.

Know your destination!
When traveling to a club or a bar it is sometimes necessary to travel out of your normal area of comfort. You may be unfamiliar with streets, freeways and navigation in the city of your event. Some areas may not be safe or harbor gang activity which is information which allows better judgment during your evening such as selecting an appropriate parking spot and how to dress.

Areas with higher crime rates will tend to have more police activity as well. Knowing the level of police activity in an area can help to avoid getting in trouble by the law as well as a general assessment for the dangers of the general area.

Counties and cities within the same state often have varying laws. For example receiving a speeding ticket in your home city may result in an online traffic school course however receiving the same ticket in a different county may require your appearance in a courthouse in the county the ticket was received.

Don’t drink and drive!
One of the most common ways to get yourself in trouble quickly is by drinking and driving. Not only will drinking and driving lead to a criminal arrest it is an action that endangers the lives of others. Avoiding drunk drivers is a challenge that everyone faces however for an individual who is traveling to an event that servers alcoholic beverages it is almost guaranteed that an encounter with a drunk driver will occur.

Reading the news paper to before you travel can help determine if there are any sobriety checkpoints and where these may be located. Knowing where a checkpoint is setup can provide useful for a driver who wishes to avoid drunk drivers. Areas where checkpoints are setup are typically choke points between an area known for drinking and the freeways. These are typically setup in a strategic manner by trained law enforcement agents where a higher rate of drunk drivers are expected. Avoiding these general areas during holidays or weekends will help to minimize the risk of encountering a drunk driver.

Avoid fighting and confrontation!
Alcohol is known to bring about violence and irrational behavior in individuals who over indulge in this beverage. Fights are commonplace in an environment where alcohol fuels the primary form of entertainment for a large group of people. Avoiding confrontation is the best way to minimize the risk of getting in a fight with someone at a bar or club which can result in serious injury or criminal charges regardless of the outcome of the confrontation.

If an individual appears to be overly intoxicated it is a good idea to avoid the situation all together. Moving to another location can resolve this typically and distancing yourself from a belligerent individual is the best way to avoid an argument. This goes hand in hand of course with moderating your own alcohol consumption to ensure that you are not the belligerent individual in a social setting.

Read street signs!
Staying aware of your surroundings is one of the best ways to avoid trouble from a general standpoint. When driving in an unfamiliar city reading the street signs can avoid trouble with law enforcement agents. Committing a vehicle violation in a construction zone results in increased rates usually to the tune of three times higher. Maintaining awareness of general traffic signs such as speed limits, allowable turns at intersections, and zoning notifications (school, construction, etc…) allows a driver to avoid being pulled over by a police officer and harming others.

Manage your budget!
A common arrest in cities that have bar districts is one which may not be as apparent as some may think: the dine and dash! This does not only refer to skipping out on a restaurant bill but applies to bars and taxis as well. As funny as it may sound skipping out on a taxi fair is an arrest that occurs frequently. Ironically this can be avoided easily enough by simply being responsible and managing your budget.

Abiding by a few simple rules and applying some planning and foresight to an outing can ultimately result in avoiding an arrest or dangerous situations. Arrests can ruin careers, relationships, lifestyles and lives along with irresponsible behavior. Arrests are costly and typically result in a family member having to contact a bail bondsman on your behalf to post bail which adds stress on your loved ones as well. Learning how to avoid trouble more efficiently results in a better quality of life for an individual that engages in cautious behavior.

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