Home remedies are those recommendations that the expert voice emits when listening to exclaim some discomfort, we do not mess with diseases because the recommendation of a medical expert is required there, but we do talk about discomforts such as yellow teeth or a bad smell in some body part or area of ​​your house.

There are many products that we can use to solve these discomforts, but there is an element that, in addition to being very economical and easy to find, it is very likely that you have it at home there, stored in the pantry or that Mom has put it among its spices .

We are talking about sodium bicarbonate, which has multiple benefits for your health.

The composition of sodium bicarbonate, or also known as sodium bicarbonate, or carbonate, is a white crystalline solid compound that is soluble in water, with a slight alkaline taste similar to sodium carbonate generally used in indigestion medications, but this It is less strong and more salty, its formula is NaHCO3. It can be found as a mineral in nature or can be produced artificially. Can you eat baking soda? You will be a fan of eating or using baking soda after knowing the health benefits.

Let's talk about some benefits. If it is to improve your oral hygiene or get rid of a slight stomach upset, it is quite effective. Experts assure that baking soda has a variety of additional domestic uses and health benefits, this time we will share 5 tips for the use that you can give this compound in your home.


Boasting a perfect white smile is not only for celebrities who spend thousands for it, several investigations comment that toothpaste that contains baking soda is better for whitening teeth and removing plaque, it also eliminates bad odors in your mouth .


That foul-smelling sweat sometimes doesn't go away with regular deodorants, try carving a little baking soda into your armpit moistened with water and wipe away with a clean towel. Baking soda helps eliminate sweat odor because of its properties it can make odors less acidic, there are even homemade recipes to make your own deodorant.


We can avoid mosquito bites with various products for sale in the market, but if that annoying mosquito has bitten you and left you very itchy, moisten your skin and put a little sodium bicarbonate on the affected area, rub it gently and the itching will disappear.


We know that the use of pesticides in fruits and vegetables is frequent due to insects or germs that attack crops, therefore, to have more certainty about cleaning your fruits and vegetables before consuming them, a study explains that soaking the fruit in a solution of baking soda and water for about 15 minutes removes almost all pesticides.


Did you take off that shoe that accompanied you on your walk for hours and has an unpleasant smell? Enough of that smell that resembles a cheese factory, the remedy is to put baking soda inside the shoe and let it rest, the others will thank you.

There are many more benefits that baking soda has, for example it is used as a leavening additive in bakeries , also in the production of those soft drinks called sodas . It is also a fundamental compound of fire extinguishing powders , it is used in large cosmetic companies and in industries .

Much has been said on social media about its use as a cure for cancer, however at the American Cancer Society , there is no evidence to support that idea. For now, using baking soda for at least the 5 tips above will give you benefits at very low cost.

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