How to be positive in a relationship is something that everyone in a relationship should know. If you are negative about any relationship you might be in, then it is doomed to fail right from the start. If you act negative about it, then if something goes wrong the first thing you will do is point the finger of blame, or to give up and walk away. However, if you are positive about your relationship then when something goes wrong you will work hard to try and fix it or see the good side of the events that might have taken place. Below are 5 tips on how to be positive in a relationship:

The first tip is the simplest one of the lot, and it is simply to smile. Smiling makes everything seem and feel better no matter what the situation is. The more the two of you smile at each other the happier and more positive you will feel about each other and the relationship between you.

The second tip on how to be positive in a relationship is to stay calm when something goes wrong. It is inevitable that something will go wrong in a relationship at some point, but when it does you mustn't panic and fly off the handle. Make sure you think through what has happened and try not to get too angry about it. The calmer you can stay in times of crisis, the easier you will find it to sort them out and get back to normal.

Thirdly, you should always try and see the bright side of life. Try and look for the silver lining to every cloud. Normally when something happens or goes wrong you instantly fly to the negative and start to get worked up about it. However, sometimes if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture you may be able to find some good in many situations.

Another tip on how to stay positive in the face of adversity is to make sure that you and your partner talk things through. Don't make the mistake of starting to shout at each other and getting into a huge argument. Try and stay calm, and talk instead of shout. By doing this you can talk through what has happened and get to the bottom of this, and this normally means you are able to fix the problem much quicker than you would have done if you had fought about it.

Finally, the last tip on how to be positive in a relationship is to enjoy the good times that the two of you spend together to the full. Don't take any happy times you have together for granted. This means that when things go badly, you have lots of happy times to look back on, and this normally makes it easier to resolve problems and forgive each other.

By following these 5 simple tips, you should find it much easier to stay happy and positive and this will end up with you being in a happy relationship!

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