Building a good quality wine cellar is essential to keep wine bottles safely. It must have installed temperature controlled units with proper insulation to maintain wines in good condition. By choosing a reputed builder, you can get contemporary wine cellars, bespoke cellars or any preferred type of wine cellars design. Before making a decision, you must get professional advice to pick the right one.

A wine cellar is designed to store wine bottles in its ideal condition. It is built to protect wine from light, heat and low humidity level. To maintain the adequate condition inside the wine storage, necessary equipment such as cooling system and humidifier are also needed to be installed. It is also imperative to provide apt insulation into the room to avoid escaping of moisture. If you are interested in building your storage room, you can prefer designing contemporary wine cellars to suit your style.

Apart from modern cellar racks, many people prefer the spiral design to combat space. It is also possible to get bespoke cellars for constructing a design to fulfil your specific needs. However, contemporary cellar designs would be appropriate if you are willing to go with the trend.

Here are some top wine cellar designs to consider for bringing your ideas into reality-

1. A Cellar Underneath the Staircase

With the help of professionals, you can get innovative ideas to design a beautiful cellar underneath the staircase. It would be the ideal place when you want to save space. It also gives you a way of utilising the unused area for building wine cellars. Professionals will make it perfect to display the bottles beautifully.

2. Build it In the Kitchen Cabinet

When you want to build a small space for collecting wines, you can transform the kitchen cabinets. It is not only spacious to keep sufficient amount of bottles but also provides a safe place. Pick the design according to the kitchen interior and replace the existing shelves into a perfect wine cellar.

3. Design a Specific Kitchen Cellar

Suppose you have enough space in your kitchen, you can build a specific cellar above kitchen countertops. It enables you to store your favourite wines along with that you can enjoy your drink utilising the countertop. It removes the hassles of choosing a specific place for drinking purpose.

4. Transform the Store Room into a Wine Room

A wine cellar could be designed to convert the storeroom into a wine room. Meet a reliable builder and ask for installing cellar racks. Depending on the storage requirement, you can build a small as well as large wine cellar. Most importantly, you can utilise the floor area to enjoy your drink with guests.

5. Construct a Cellar in the Basement

If the space is not available in the above locations, the basement would be the ideal choice to build a cellar rack. Experts know how to design a perfect cellar to make it appealing and attractive as well. You can also ask them to design based on your residential property to enhance its beauty.

Bottom Line

Remember that the choice of the material is important to build an elegant and eye-catchy cellar. However, your budget would be a factor to keep in mind before finalising on the design and its materials. It is appreciable to get advice from the top-rated builders and ask for a quote to build amazing contemporary wine cellars in your residence. Thereafter, you can display the wine bottles accordingly.

Author's Bio: 

Bianca Bradfield is a reputed contractor in Australia who has been serving clients for the last five years. His hobby is reading books. In his free time, he also prefers to write blogs on the need for contemporary wine cellars, how to get superior wine cellar designs, best locations to build a cellar rack and so on.