Education overseas not only provides you the exposure to different culture and methods of learning, but also makes you more employable as an international degree has a great demand in the job sector. As such you can consider study abroad as an investment, in terms of experience as well as monetary gains.
The choice of the right country and course is usually a difficult task. Deciding which degree to study at university can be a challenging decision for many of you.
While it’s always better to choose a degree based on your subject interest, it’s better to pick the subject based on future career prospects.
There is a cut throat competition for jobs right now and hardly any job growth in many sectors. As such it is important to find a career track that is growing and not waning.
Keeping these aspects in mind, we bring you some of the top courses in the world with the highest salary brackets.

A Masters in Business Administration is unquestionably one of the highest paying courses in the world. An MBA from a top school can speed up the process of your corporate journey. MBA is also very effective if you are looking for a career change or a substantial salary hike.
An MBA degree, which is also one of the most popular programmes among international students, fetches the highest salaries in the job market.
A survey by QS suggests that FAME -Finance, Accounting, Business Management and Economics-- subjects capture almost 43% of the internationally bound students annually. Remarkably, India and USA are the two biggest markets in the world for MBA graduates
Last but not the least, a right MBA program can also help you to launch your start-up venture.

An engineering degree, one of the most popular courses among the international student’s, offers the best return on your investment in higher education abroad. The most sought-after engineering disciplines are Electrical-Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, and Industrial & Manufacturing. Streams like Petroleum Engineering and Biomedical Engineering are also gaining popularity due to the high number of jobs and great salary prospects.

In fact, Civil, Petroleum and IT engineers are some of the most paid employees in the world with petroleum engineers known to receive an general starting salary of $80,000. The one and only reason for engineering being one of the highest paying courses in the world is, the high demand for engineering graduates.

Information Technology (IT) & Computer Science:
A degree in computer science or Information Technology is absolutely one of the most popular MS programmes for international students. It not just offers a wide range of opportunities in an increasingly digitised world but gives the scope for a very lucrative professional life as well. High demand for computer science graduates is one of the major factors behind the soaring salaries. Computer science grads can get jobs as developers, systems administrators or IT consultants.
Even the starting salaries of computer science graduates can be as high as $75,000 making it one of the highest paying courses in the world. According to few surveys, Computer Science graduates have got the best career prospects, and make the most money.

Accounting and finance:
Accounting programmes are also gaining increasing popularity among students due to the lucrative professional opportunities. Accounting is also one of the highest paying courses in the world. The top paid jobs in accounting are Credit Analysis Management, Treasury Analysis, Auditing and tax Accountancy. The starting salary of accounting managers can be between $45,000 to $90,000.

Business, Finance & Management:
The demand for Finance and Economics graduates is also evident. Corporate and MNCs prefer and hire lot of candidates with Masters in Finance, Economics and Business Analytics. Few other popular disciplines are
• Masters in Management
• International Business
• Banking & Finance
• Marketing
• Banking & Investment and
• Strategic Management

So, if you’re looking for career prospects with the highest paid jobs, it is advisable to opt for any one of the fields mentioned above which will help you soar high professionally.

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