Nothing succeeds like success. It's always a fabulous experience to bag a good job after undertaking a course or acquiring a new skill. Nobody can express the joy & pleasure in getting their ambitions fulfilled. Getting a good job brings career growth, financial rewards, prestige and confidence. It also amp up personal profiles and enable candidates to find good life partners too.

If someone is wondering how to get lucrative jobs then they must understand that in this competitive scenario in the job market, a graduation degree from a reputed university is not sufficient. Mastering a language like Indonesian can pave the way for scintillating job options & generate great employment opportunities in India & overseas. In this article, we shall discuss 5 high-profile job choices that candidates can opt for after undertaking an Indonesian Language Course in Kolkata.

Corporate trainers

Thanks to the huge demand of corporate Indonesian language trainers, one can expect to get infinite opportunities in this field. Today, plenty of companies with stellar international reputation hire corporate trainers who can provide training in Indonesian language and help employees develop skills to thrive.

Content writers

Working as a content writer involves great prestige ad esteem. The writer never goes out of style. From small companies to big MNC, an aspirant can excel in the job easily provided she/he has excellent writing skills in Indonesian language along with time management, and an ability to research by utilizing internet resources effectively and leveraging technology to their search.

The main tasks of content writers include creating unique written material or sometimes paraphrase or rewrite sentences and paragraphs to improve the flow, style, and general quality of writing for the required genre.

Brand specialists

A brand specialist is a part of management team who collaborates with or inside a marketing team to work in their advertising campaigns and logos precisely. Their job revolves around defining the way that consumers think about a company's products or services. After pursuing an Indonesian Language Course in Kolkata, working as brand specialists is a good decision as it gives candidates to work in corporate giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and others.


Another high-profile job opportunity that becomes available after learning Indonesian language is the role of a translator. In this digital age if someone is particularly looking to put their writing skills into test & utilize it impeccably, then working as a translator is the best option. The pay package is also great so one should hesitate into becoming a translator if she/he has flair for writing in Indonesian language. However many people prefer to work as freelancers because it gives them an opportunity to earn unlimited every month.


For those who're interested in gathering news for general public and working in the profession of media & journalism, getting started as correspondents can bring great prestige and remuneration. Working as Indonesian correspondent can bring tons of jobs in print and electronic media. However it requires both verbal & written skills to excel & thrive in this wonderful profession.

The job also fits those who love traveling all over the world and one should be there in this field if they want helping people to tell their stories.

Hopefully, the article disseminates valuable information about various job options that Indonesian learners can apply for after successfully completing their course. As a result, they can get a brief idea about their tasks and roles as well as skills required to excel.

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Author's Bio: 

Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on Indonesian language course in Kolkata, he also worked as a foreign language professor and researcher in a reputed university.