Regarded as one of the best-selling beverages in the world, Red Bull has emerged as a powerhouse in the territory of energy drinks. But what sets it apart from its competitors is its ability to portray itself as an influential lifestyle brand, coordinating itself with skydiving, paragliding, motocross, and not to forget the EDM festivals.

If you have utilized the drink to pull off an all-nighter or some Jagerbombs rather than ultimate parasailing, possibilities are it induced you wings one way or another. From the brand’s modest beginnings in Thailand, to its expansion towards the research sector, the following are the 5 top reasons why Red Bull is insanely the best:

  1. Youthful and still raw in market – Red Bull has only been around since 1987.

The company has earned itself a handsome name across the world, but what makes it a total surprise package is the fact that it has only been around since 1987, a century after Coca-Cola paved its way to the world. Whereas Redbull stepped-up the US market in1997.

Having entered the a vastly saturated market, it earned itself a specific genre by introducing not just a new product, but altogether a new range of products .

  1. Red Bull caters the best as well as the most expensive non-alcoholic drink to the consumers:

Having sold more than 5.6 billion cans last year, Red Bull has emerged as the most expensive non-alcoholic drink available at commercial stores. Earning itself the tag of the highest-gaining energy drink in the world, Red Bull is followed by Rockstar and Monster. Summing up, the brand has disposed-off 50 billion cans in over 167 different countries. Both the co-founders, namely Dietrich Mateschitz and Yoovidhya are the richest in Austria and second-richest in Thailand respectively.


  1. The product delivers well on its value proposition w/o being greedy:

The company employs a great sales strategy no matter if you buy their drinks, or not. Infact, it promises to give them to you for free when you are exhausted and de-hydrated. It utilizes the profits from this money to make way for marvellous, breath-taking events that assist science.

The company supports and sponsors athletes (incorporating no contracts or endorsements, just verbal agreements!). Further, it supports the spinal cord research via the ‘wings for life’ foundation which works its every but to make the cures possible.

So, how could anybody not love a brand like Red Bull?

  1. It derives the recipe from a traditional drink loved by Thai Truckers:

One cannot build an empire selling products that do not work.Red Bull’s story dates back to late 90’s when it started out as Krating Daeng in Thailand. It grew immensely popular among truck drivers who found it a perfect remedy to stay awake on long drives.

The drink received worldwide recognition owing to the discreet efforts by Dietrich Mateschitz, the company’s Austrian co-founder as well as the current CEO. He not only discovered the drink while travelling through Asia but also found out that it helped him with his jet lag. He then approached the local founder to develop the company.

  1. Red Bull puts its money where its mouth is:

  • Red Bull Stratos:

As part of the brand’s campaign for space-travel safety, it sent Austrian skydiver and Red Bull athlete Felix Baumgartner 24 miles deep into the space employing a helium balloon. Festooned in a Red Bull pressure suit, the skydiver fell free at an awe-inspiring speed over 830 miles per hour before deploying his parachute.

Baumgartner not only broke the sound barrier but also became the first ever person to do so without employing any engines. Over 8 million people glimpsed upon the jump live.

The project proved to be a triumph of both science and emotion: The gathered data proved invaluable for an in-depth research into space-travel safety.

  • Red Bull’s F1 triumph:

Back in 2012, Red Bull’s youth driver campaign proved to be so successful that it was motivated to purchase another F1 team in order to fit them into their rosters. The brand won both Best Driver and Best Team award, despite competing against more established and tough competitors that spend heavily such as Ferrari, Toyota, McLaren, BMW, Honda and Renault, all of which enjoy the decades of head-start!

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5 Top reasons why Red Bull is insanely the best