Most of people think that if they intend to make an email database, they should buy an email extractor tool. There are also some methods to get email addresses from websites easily. Here are some tricks you should know how to extract email addresses from websites effectively.

1. Search “” in Bing

You might think why not in Google. Google uses the “@” symbol for social tags. When you search “” in, you may not get the email address of the website. Don’t worry, Google is not only the search engine. Go to and enter the “” in the search field. Bing will reveal the email id related to this domain if they are publicly available.

2. Use Twitter Advanced Search

Often most people share their email addresses in twitter tweets. But they replace ‘dot’ and ‘at’ instead of ‘.’ and ‘@’ symbols to hide them from bots. Go to Twitter Advanced Search and search for ‘dot’ and ‘at’ words in tweets from your target person. You may include ‘reach’, ‘contact’, ‘mail’.

3. Ask for a personal connection via website contact form

Most large companies use the contact form on their websites. And the emails are mostly handled by support teams. Just send a message using the website contact form and ask them to connect you with the person you want to reach.

4. Check WHOIS Data to See the Owner of a Domain

Visit to and enter the domain name you want to see the domain owner’s contact information. But it is not an efficient way to get email address of a website. Because many websites have private registration details, so you won’t be able to find the contact details for the domain owner easily. So go for the fifth method.

5. Use an email extractor tool

There are several email extractor tools you will find when you search in google. But as my own experience visit Here you can get all email addresses of a website. You can also search for bulk websites to get email addresses. There is also an option for keyword search. It means you can collect websites with their email addresses just from a keyword.

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I think this will be helpful for your email marketing. Thanks for reading this article.

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