Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car, and if you don't look after them properly, there could be serious or legal consequences. Not only can your tyres compromise the performance of your car and result in costly repairs, but not looking after them can put you and others at risk of a road accident. To keep your car safe and roadworthy, ensure that your tyres remain in good, safe condition with these five tyre maintenance tips.

  1. Keep Tyres Inflated to the Correct Pressure

Tyre pressures can impact on the steering of your car, the handling, braking, mileage and fuel economy. If tyres are under or under-inflated, it can also increase your fuel consumption and make your tyres more susceptible to wear and tear. The wrong pressure can result in a burst tyre, which can cause you to lose control of your car. Check your tyre pressure at least once per month, and don't forget to check the spare. It is also important to check the pressure before long journeys or if your car is carrying a heavier load than usual. You can do this at your local petrol station or with your own pressure gauge, and it must be done when the tyres are cold to ensure you achieve an accurate reading.

  1. Patch Repair Tyres when Needed

If you find yourself with a flat tyre whilst on a journey, use a tyre repair kit to keep you going until you can get to a professional to replace the tyre - some vehicles come with a tyre gel which will temporarily seal the puncture. If you have a repair kit, then you will probably need to remove the tyre and follow the instructions on either your repair kit or vehicle handbook. Once you have patched up the tyre, you will need to inflate it to the recommended pressure and then simply drive to the nearest garage or tyre fitter. Make sure you don't exceed the maximum speed detailed in the car's handbook. Remember that a repair is only a temporary measure, and you should replace the damaged tyre and your repair kit as soon as possible. Driving on a repaired tyre for longer than necessary could put you in danger, or land you in trouble with the police.

  1. Keep Wheels Balanced

Having your wheels unbalanced can create problems for your tyres and can result in uneven wear and tear. This can weaken your tyres and make them more prone to damage. It can also reduce your control of the car and increase your fuel consumption.

  1. Frequent Checks

You should make it a routine habit to check your car tyres once a month, including the spare, making sure there is adequate tread remaining and the pressures are correct.

  1. Inspect the Wear of the Tyre to Make Sure it's Roadworthy

It's also important to do a physical check of your tyres on a regular basis and look out for any signs of unusual wear or damage. Look out for any cuts, bulges, or objects that have punctured the tyre. If you notice any of these problems, you will need to get them checked by a professional mechanic and repaired if necessary. In some cases, the tyre will need to be replaced altogether with a new one.

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