The end is coming. Well, maybe not. In the past few years, we have seen the entire world flip upside down as global economies faced one of the worst financial crises ever. Many people believe we are headed towards impending doom and possibly the end of the world in 2012. Whether or not this happens, one thing is certain; our hard-earned wealth is at risk with the United States Dollar on the verge of collapse. To make matters even worse, it appears as if the world’s top economies are also on the verge of collapse, simply look at the latest economic news. 2012 is scheduled to be the year the world ends, but if it doesn’t, here are 5 ultimate investing tips that could help you thrive in 2012:

1. Invest in gold – Gold is one of the most effective safe-haven investments in the world. Investing in gold could help you profit while at the same time preserving wealth because the precious metal tends to thrive in the face of economic uncertainty. Between the years 2000 and 2011 as the United States economy contracted significantly, gold increased in value more than 600% and it’s still climbing. Many investors and market analysts believe that gold will outperform nearly every investment market in the coming years.

2. Invest in energy – No matter what happens with the world, people will always need energy. Although energy prices will fluctuate with the economy, in the end, everyone uses energy every day, especially people in emerging markets. Careful investments in energy, ideally purchased at opportune dips, could be a great investment in the long-term.

3. Invest in technology – History has proven time and time again that companies that make significant technological breakthroughs usually thrive in the face of economic uncertainty. If a company invented the cure for AIDS or a common form of cancer, do you think they would be affected by a stock market crash? Most likely not, if anything, they may be one of the few companies that profits significantly.

4. Invest in the inevitable – The latest economic charts and data proves just how unsustainable the current low US interest rates are. When these baseline trends change direction, they usually do so for several years, sometimes even decades. Now may be a good time to invest in low interest rates while we still can.

5. Invest internationally – It’s always a good idea to store a portion of your wealth in overseas accounts. History has proven that international investments can make the difference between losing everything and thriving in a weak economic environment. Although internationalizing your assets may not be easy or convenient, it’s always a good idea.

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Arthur Brooks is an award-winning author and gold market analyst who writes about investments in precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum. To read more by Arthur Brooks and to learn more about certified gold investments please visit or call 1 (800) 300-0715.