Some of the acclaimed ways of getting stress relief are overhyped. They just don’t seem to work; at least, not for most people. Are you familiar with the tricks, ‘eat more’, ’meditate’, ‘take deep breaths’ and so on? Yeah. If those ever worked in the past, we can say that humans’ body chemistry has evolved and they either don’t work anymore or they need to be complemented with other things. There is a relationship between anxiety and stress. To a very high extent, someone who is very anxious will easily get stressed. Here, in this article are five uncommon things that help to relieve stress.

1. Essential Oils

Do essential oils relieve stress? One of the uncommon essential oil benefits is the tremendous ability to reduce stress and anxiety levels in the young and old. Some of these essential oils possess wonderful sedative properties that can help you relax, get calm, and feel peaceful. In fact, in aromatherapy, the use of the healing fragrance of essential oils is a common practice to help people relax. Various studies and experiments have proven this method authentic. Some of the oils include Chamomile, Rosewater, Frankincense, and Bergamot.

2. Chew Gum

Getting your mouth busy with gum has its advantages, starting from keeping your breath really fresh. Chewing gum psychologically helps you to divert the energy that could birth anxiety and stress into the enjoyable action of munching and popping gums. A medical research that observed a number of individuals as case studies came into a factual realization that those who regularly chew gum exhibit a low level of stress and reduced anxiety. In fact, it was also noticed that there is a commendable ability for them (those who chew gum) to multitask easily.

3. Love Juice

Other than its nutritional value and deliciousness, oranges and their extracted juice have properties that suppress anxiousness. In fact, foods that are rich in vitamin C are able to reduce stress, psychologically. They work on stress hormones, including cortisol, thereby, numbing any worrying effect while they also stimulate you. So, don’t wait until the stress comes, beat it before it comes by feeding on natural orange juice extracts. You can go as much as two glasses a day.

4. Engage in Art

It is time to bring out the old tricks you learnt in school about arts. Making arts is very therapeutic; you generate positive energy and vibes, while you derive a sense of pleasure in what you do. Pleasure is an utmost antagonist of stress. You don’t have to be as good as popular artists. The investment of enjoyment in painting, creating a canvas, making collages, or even music all helps you to focus on getting your work (art) right and accomplished, hence, relieving you of worries or anxiety.

5. Sex

Let the yoga and other meditation courses be, for now. Invite your lover over to share some romantic moments and lead the way into sexual intercourse. A passionate and affectionate sex pauses the world and keeps worries at bay. Affectionate and erotic moments shared with a lover are therapeutic and can help the soul, the mind, and the body to relax.

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