There comes a time when you are ready to take a relationship forward and want to pop the question. You have been together for many years and want to make it official or you have met a few months back, but you know that person is right for you. You want to ask that person to be your life partner forever and make it official. This is a special moment and you may want to make a proposal that matches the feelings within your heart. Here are 5 unique ways to propose a girl in Toronto.

1. Scavenger hunt
This is one of the coolest ways to pop the question to the woman of your dreams. Send her on a scavenger hunt. The hunt can be in your house and garden. Or you can take them through the city searching for clues. Plant little chits with clues at different places and the final prize could be the ring. If you are taking her through the city, you will need help from friends and family to make sure that the clues don’t disappear before your girl gets to them. This is an exciting way to propose. You could hire budget Limo rentals Toronto and transport her in ultimate comfort through the city. The final clue could be in a picturesque place where you could go down on your knees and propose marriage.

2. Opulent castle proposal
Give your girls a magical night and propose to her in a castle. The Casa Loma has beautiful grounds and you can go down on your knee there. Ask her to dress up fancy and surprise her. Book Toronto limo services and drive up to the castle while sipping on champagne from the bar. While you are in the castle pop the question. Then take her to dinner at a fancy restaurant where you celebrate your engagement. This kind of proposal is often seen in movies but still a classic option.

3. Magical picnic
Go for a picnic at your favourite outdoor spots. You can choose the High park or Allan garden as the picture-perfect backdrop. Allan Gardens has many ideal spots and a glass building too while High Park has numerous hiking trails, a zoo and a pond where you can propose. Make it a picnic with a basket full of fruits, cheese, cold cuts and sandwiches to enjoy in the sun. You could also choose Bluffer’s Park or Lake Ontario for a beautiful proposal.

4. Christmas proposal
The Distillery District is lit up during Christmas and it becomes the Toronto Christmas Market. The cobblestone pathways and 19th-century structures host the festive market each year. There are stalls of mulled wine, arts and crafts, musicians and delicacies. Plus, its winter and you are dressed cosily under the Christmas tree. Proposing under the winter sky and festive lights make this quite memorable.

5. Involve your pet
If you have a beloved pet whom you both love, you could involve him or her. The proposal becomes all the cuter if your fur baby is doing something in it. Pets are cute and they make this proposal very unique. To involve your pet, you could get him/her to lead your woman to the secret spot where you await to propose. Or tie the ring around the collar and just let the pet wander over to her. When she is cuddling or petting, she should notice the sparkly thing around the pet’s neck. And when she does, you be ready to ask her to marry you.

The proposal is the highlight when you want to make a romantic relationship permanent. It can be intimate with just the both of you or you could involve families as well!

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