Long-distance relationships are quite special. Tow people in two different states or countries or even cities, still decide that they want to be together. The sheer will and determination to want to be connected and the love you have for each other is really something. However, if you both aren’t in one place, it will be hard to show your appreciation. If you were together you could show physical affection which is so much better than anything else. However, because you are away, here are five gifts which can make your man feel super special and good.

Stars – Romantic poets and authors talk and write about “bringing the moon and stars” for their lover. Well today, it is possible. You may not be able to actually bring such celestial bodies down, but you can surely them after your cutie pie. In real life, the International Astronomical Union is the only body to officially name a start after a person. They have advanced technology and system to get precise locations of a star. The union will select a star, name it for you and also give you coordinates so you can see it from a telescope. Follow instructions and name a star for your boyfriend. Then send the certificate and coordinates to your boyfriend so he can see the star and think of you.

3D card – Imagine the surprise if your boyfriend gets mail and then sees an envelope addressed from you. He opens thinking it could be some official documents or papers. But when he opens it, a 3D card pops up. Today’s 3D cards are really complex and can have figurines for everything. Be it gifts or a super cute cartoon figure that will pop once he opens the card. He will be surprised and love you for it.

Innovative gift – There are a few innovative gifts that make your boyfriend laugh out loud or get intimate with you on chat or phone. Some online stores have the best sex dolls which will make a really cool gift. There are hug pillows which your boyfriend can hug when he feels low and thinks of you. Innovative gifts can be quirky as well such as a naughty game gift. It isn’t as if sex dolls are too expensive. You can always go for torso sex dolls and send him a surprise.

Practical gifts – Who doesn’t love a practical gift? It is something that will be used. So why not give something practical that he can easily use and also remember you, your thoughtfulness. The roll-up keyboard is a really cool practical gadget that he can use and roll-up to take with him. There are funny socks with cute messages and prints which will keep him warm and laughing. Or if he likes food and sweets then a gift basket or gourmet box with his favourite candy or food will also be appreciated. There are ready-made cheese, tea and wine hampers which you can select for delivery too.

Lamps – This is a really cool gift which helps you both keep in touch. This special lamp comes in pairs and one can be sent to your partner. If you touch your lamp, then your partner’s lamp will turn on too, so he knows that you are thinking of him.

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