Most of the people want to know how to whiten the teeth naturally. There are simple yet useful beauty tips that can whiten your teeth and help you get beautiful smile that people would adore. Let us have a quick look.

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Are Simple Cleansers:
Mix together hydrogen per-oxide and baking soda and use this as a simple cleanser to whiten your teeth. The power of these two ingredients can whiten your teeth in a week or so. But, do not use them more than thrice a week. Also, you can discontinue using it if your teeth are sensitive.

Table Salt is a Teeth Whitener:

People have been using table salt for the ages to whiten their teeth. The salt contains sodium chloride and hence it can whiten your enamel naturally. Apply a small amount of table salt with the help of toothbrush after brushing your teeth as normal. Rinse with water. Do this at least once a day.

Strawberries Whiten Your Tooth Enamel:

One of the most natural teeth whitening home remedies is eating strawberries. You can either eat or mash the fruit to brush your teeth with it. The natural acid contained in the strawberry whitens the enamel of your teeth. But make sure that you remove all the remanants of the fruit as the long time contact of the fruit acid can erode the enamel of your teeth.

Try Olive Oil:

The natural ingredients contained in the olive oil can whiten your teeth. It is believed to be a natural teeth whitener. You just need to apply it theroughly after brushing your teeth. Simply drop a few drops of it on your tooth brush and do this for a few weeks. This will whiten your teeth effectively.

Chewing Cheese Helps:

Chewing cheese not only turns your teeth white but also prevents them from decay. It contains a milk protein that protects the teeth and whey protein contained on the cheese reduces the mineral loss from the tooth enamel. Just chewing the cheese stimulates the flow of saliva and neutralizes the harmful acids that can prevent the tooth decay.

There are certain bad habits that you need to avoid alcohol, caffeiene, black tea, too much sugar and highly acidic food. Make it a habit to floss your teeth after brushing and chew Margosa leaves or twigs to keep it neat and clean. Rub orange peels to keep the enamel white.

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