As a woman in medicine, your effort may not be recognized and you may not be first on the list of doctors who will receive a promotion or an increase. After all, now more and more females are looking at mbbs in Philippines fee structure and want to pursue their career in medicine.

If you feel that everything is turning against you and you feel wronged because of gender, you should take the reins in your hands and take action, thus paving the way for the next generations of female doctors.

Some women, in the field of medicine, after a while feel more comfortable and manage to raise their height, to lead, to be heard, etc.

In other cases, however, opposition, denial, disrespect, non-recognition, unequal behavior, etc., affect not only a female doctor but anyone we would call her. Ideally, there should be a manual for women in the medical field, so that they know in advance the conditions and situations they may face.

Here are 5 helpful tips that we hope will encourage you.

1. Rejection does not necessarily mean "no" (in general).

It means not at a specific time. Surely if you had in front of you all the documents, applications, proposals, and grants that were rejected, they would cover and overshadow an entire house.

In this case, you should always remember that every rejection has taught you something and that every "no" makes you more determined, more resilient, and more innovative. You may not have been selected or rejected, but that is not the end!

You must continue the struggle for distinction, set goals, and look ahead, far ahead, not only through easy roads but fighting through fire and iron in order to claim and conquer what you desire. Learn to say to yourself that "no" means no at this time.

2. As a woman, when you are passionate about an idea and are determined to give it your all for its realization, are you characterized as excessive?

Does not matter! Be yourself and do not feel guilty about how many times you have decided to listen in order to express your opinion.

Only regret what you did not say. You may be the quietest woman on the planet in your workplace, and the moment you decide to speak to be heard and express your opinion, you will be judged badly for it.

Always remember that being honest and expressing your opinion and beliefs are the steps that lead to your respect.

3. Over the course of your career, you will feel tired and may want to quit.

It is completely normal! As a woman, you need to work hard to be recognized, to stay cool so as not to be stigmatized, and to have minimal medical failures in your professional history. There will be many times when you will get tired and want to give up, give up. Being tired is not a problem, as it is solved with patience, with outdoor activities, with relaxation at home, etc. There, you "charge your batteries" and then return to the battlefield!

4. You need allies

Spend time developing relationships with your colleagues, who in turn will strengthen your spirit, there will be feedback on your words, and in a difficult time, they will support you and encourage you to continue. After all, do not forget that the need for people and friends around you is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength.

5. Do not let others do to you what they want!

Because of gender, there will always be people around you who will tell you what to do, how to behave, etc. They will give you tips, some of which will be good and some of which will be bad. Stand on your own two feet and always follow your dreams and goals.

So, if you are a woman, you can go through the Gullas College of medicine fee structure to pursue your career as a doctor.

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