Landline texting is creating buzz. If you are unaware of it let me share a brief about it. Landline texting for business is a way to use your fixed line number for 2-way texting. The text to landline service provider will text-enable your landline or toll free number and you can use the same number for texting. The landline texting for business comes with a wide range of features to empower its users with the best texting solution. Any small, mid or large scaled business can take benefit of this advanced texting solution without making any changes in existing telecommunication infrastructure or investing a huge amount.

In this article, I will share top 5 value added benefits of landline texting for business:

1. Increase Engagement
According to various statistics and survey results, your customers love texting. In fact, more than 500 billion texts are sent over business numbers daily. If your landline is not text enabled, you are missing all these conversations. By opting for landline texting service, you can increase engagement with your customers that will result in a strong rapport and long-term business relations.

2. Add Convenience

The landline texting will definitely add a convenient mode of communication, called, texting. Moreover, it will let your customers use the same number for both, texting and calling. It means your customers will not need to manage multiple numbers. They can text or call on the same number.

3. Increase Brand Popularity

Your customers love texting and landline texting is something new and interesting for them. They may love the concept and start considering your business as a tech savvy company. They will proud to be customer of such an advanced and tech savvy business. It will increase word of mouth publicity as well as your brand popularity.

4. Increase Trackability

Each single conversation made via text to landline solution will be logged in the system and can be easily searched and exported in form of reports. The reports will consist details of
• Sender
• Receiver
• Type of message (Incoming / Outgoing)
• Message body (Text / picture)
• Status of the message
• Date and time of the message
The reports and its fields may vary from provider to provider, but above mentioned are the most common data you will get. This will let you give 100% trackability for the conversations that can be used for various reasons.

5. Increase resource utilization
You can use your resources in a better way by using landline texting for your business. For example, the landline will be smart and can be used for calling and texting. Your employees can work more productively as a majority of communication will be fast due to landline texting and its features.

These are top 5 value added pros of landline texting for business. The landline texting is available at affordable monthly fee and any small, mid or large scaled business can use it in their benefit by choosing a right package for their business.

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Tedd is working for a text to landline company that offers the best landline texting service for businesses and enterprises. The company also offers a risk free trial to benefits its users.