They say that knowledge is power. With the growth of online academies and courses filled with knowledge about all spheres of life, it is now possible for you to learn voraciously without burning a hole in your pocket. The term “rapid e-learning” often refers to the process of using tools and other analytics to fast track the creation of amazing online courses that are studied by millions of e-learners. Rapid e-learning is possible through a number of resources such as a versatile LMS or noteworthy tools that allow rapid development of the course content so that the courses can be launched seamlessly and without any delay.

Whether you are trying to cut down costs of upskilling your employees or you just want to deliver some quality content at affordable rates, rapid e-learning has benefits that meet all of these needs. Rapid e-learning tools basically comprise all such modern tools and analytics that allow the rapid development of courseware and result in cost and resource savings for authors and developers of online academies. Platforms such as CreateOnlineAcademy offer a number of tools and formats which you can use to quickly generate short courses and video content that you can launch at short notice. To further understand the need for Rapid e-learning, go through the 5 major benefits listed below:

Faster content creation and developmental process:

As a content curator or online course author, you will probably need to create a lot of course material. Rapid e-learning tools and techniques allow you to constantly create finer quality content and launch them on the go using versatile LMS. For intricate courses and other digital academies that require resources such as scenario-based assignments or offline support, rapid e-learning provides a helping hand by cutting down the time necessary to create and launch each course.

Frees resources:

As a content curator or online course author, you cannot simply launch your online courses and then relax. You also need to allocate resources to make sure that the online doubt forums are up to date and social media handles remain active with updates of the course as well as your online academy. Not only that, but you may also need to allocate special time to analyse statistics and other metrics to understand the flaws and strengths of your online course in order to fine-tune them and make them more “sellable”. Rapid e-learning tools help you to cut down on resources and time engaged with the creation and launch of the course material thus allowing you to focus on other matters yourself rather than outsourcing them to other agents.

Flowing updates and versatile control:

Launching your online course may be a one-time thing but you may need to edit and change the contents of the course at regular intervals. To be able to make changes easily, you need to employ rapid e-learning tools. Combined with a good LMS, this will allow you to dynamically make changes without any hassle. You need not worry about the rigid process of making changes every single time you need to make corrections or changes. Whenever you have fresh content or new assignments, you can simply use these tools and plugins to make the changes without disturbing your online course or academy.

Stronger learning curve and better performance metrics:

Rapid e-learning has a major advantage here. The above-mentioned benefits and advantages result in a better learning path for the students. This allows them to focus on each topic and retain more of the subject matter. New ideas and concepts are absorbed better which sparks an interest within the student. Using these tools thus helps you to engage better with your e-learners and encourage them to tune into your online course materials regularly.

Creates superior quality courses:

Using these tools allow you to generate courses that are not only engaging and interesting but also multiple platforms friendly. These courses can be dynamically changed and altered to suit whichever platform you need to pitch your classes on. You can also use these tools to maximise your resources and time thus generating more profit as compared to your effort and experiences.

Platforms such as COA allow you to generate online courses and training materials at relatively low cost and with almost zero experience. To explore the tools and other techniques offered by the platform, log onto their website today and get started with your own online course development.

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