The first impression counts a lot in the field of business. Your first impression on the client and employees is all that makes your business flourish. There are so many factors that play a vital role in making your first impression the best one.

But when we think about any business setup cleanliness is the last thing that comes in our mind, but it plays a very important role in building a positive first impression of the business. Cleanliness has a positive impact on many things that include both clients and employees.

The positive impact of cleanliness on the Client:

The benefits of cleanliness are very vast. Similarly, cleanliness plays a vital role in the client as well.

Before attending the meeting or listening to the proposal, the client observes the workplace and its environment. Let us have a look at how it affects the client's coming your way.

• When a client enters a clean workplace it will be more appealing to him as well as more welcoming.
• The dirty floors and tables will make the client think that you are not professional enough, and he will go to look for other companies.
• Cleanliness makes your workplace look more professional.
• Taking care of all the factors from arranging meetings to cleaning will leave a good impact on users' minds, and he will consider you strong, efficient, and observant.

Effects on the workers:

Just not the client but neat workplace leaves a positive impact on workers as well. You must be shocked after listening that cleaning is one of the factors that affect the working of employees.

Clean surroundings will surely leave a positive impact on the working of the employees. Most of the business owners don't give much attention to it. They just see if everything is looking good and going good then its okay.

There is no doubt that workplaces are cleaned and washed regularly to provide a comfortable environment for the worker and to leave a good impact on visitors' minds.

For more positive effects, you need to understand the significance and impact of cleanliness at the workplace and workers. Let's have a look at how a clean workplace will affect the performance of your employees.

Prevent Sickness:

One of the important roles of cleanliness is to kill germs and bacteria from the surrounding. Normally people are unaware of the fact that Ac and heater in the offices contaminate the surrounding.

If not cleaned there will be a lot of bacteria in the workplace. A clean and tidy workplace that will be free from bacteria, will reduce the chances of your employees getting sick. The performance of a healthy employee will be far better than a sick one. A healthy employee will be more active as compared to a sick employee.

Reduce absentees:

The untidy place causes sickness and sickness will ultimately make the employees absent. There are so many factors of an employee getting sick but one of the most important ones is the untidy workplace.

The sickness of the employee will lead to the absence of that employee from the office, which will affect his performance, as well as the overall performance of the team. The performance will be affected badly if one member of the team will be absent.

If the employees are healthy and present in the office, the whole team will be able to work together and produce good results.

Motivate employees:

Motivation is very important for every task. How much motivated an employee is, has a direct effect on the employee's performance. If your employees are not motivated enough, they will not be able to do the task with accuracy.

You need to keep your employees motivated all the time. There are so many ways to keep your employees motivated, and so many reasons because of which employees lose motivation, the untidy workplace is one of them. If everything in the workplace is messed up and untidy, the employees will feel bad and demotivated to work.

Reduce stress:

When you work in a team on a project, getting stressed is very common. Projects with short deadlines make you feel stress and frustrated. But when we talk about stress else than the work, then untidy surrounding is one of the reason. An employee gets stressed when he is not able to to find the project file from his messed up desk.

If you will have a clean and tidy table with things placed in the right places it will be easy for you to find things and surely will decrease the stress rate. So, if you want to reduce your employee's stress, make sure the workplace is clean and tidy. You can ask for cleaning service in Dubai for assistance.

Happy employees:

Refreshment is very important for every working person because they usually don't get time for themselves, and get bored with the normal routine. If your employee is not happy, that clearly means that he is not in the right place of mind to work.

So, for your employee's satisfaction and happiness, you need to take all possible steps. One of the easiest and cost-effective ways to make your client happy is to provide him with a clean and tidy workplace. A clean place will make your employee satisfied, and a satisfied employee is always happy and hardworking. If the employee will be satisfied, he will make sure to make you satisfied with his work.


As cleanliness is important in other fields of life, it is also important in the business field. It not only affects the client's response but also the performance of your employee. Cleaning the workplace will cost you much money, time, and effort.

So don't neglect this important factor, and do not compromise on the satisfaction and performance of your employees. You don't need to worry, all you need to do is hire Rehan services, that provide the best cleaning services in Dubai.

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Content written by Shawn, He is a content manager at Rehan Services .