Drinking and driving errors are ones you'll regret. Unfortunately, we all make mistakes. Any of us have difficulties with pills or alcohol, but never mix it with driving. However, any do mix drinking or wasting drugs and driving. That does not mean you have no rights. Your DUI lawyer container most expert describe your rights to you. You are innocent until proven guilty, and a DUI lawyer can be invaluable in proving innocence. Let's go over 5 ways a good DUI lawyer like dui lawyer miami helps you along the way.

Preparing a Defense
Defending a DUI is far from impossible. Some mistake a charge for a conviction. Repeat, you are harmless until proven chargeable, and being proven guilty is not easy in most cases. An experienced DUI lawyer can prepare a defense based on a variety of factors: what your breath test was, why you were pulled over in the first place, how the officer treated the arrest, and more.

Take for example the point on why you were pulled over. Here, you may be chosen not because of your driving, but because of how you look, whether a minority or a woman or a variety of other illegal cases of profiling. If the officer has no reason for pulling you over, it's illegal to just stop you and hope to get a charge.

Jail Time
Jail time is what scares most of us, and for good reason. While first time DUI offences rarely result in much if any jail time, the more charges you get the worse the punishments are. Charges are infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies. Infractions are minor, such as a speeding or parking ticket. Misdemeanors are common for DUI cases and more serious. Crimes are the assessment you should trouble about most, with months in jail not out of the question. A lawyer is invaluable in your avoiding jail time. The defense points above are clear here. If you are charged with a felony DUI offence, you need an experienced DUI lawyer.

Fines may seem minor, but they can add up. You are paying your lawyer, but technically he or she can save you some money by avoiding fines with a proper defence.

License Suspension
Since you can lose your license for months, a DUI defence is critical in ensuring you can continue to work at your job and have the freedom to drive. Should no permission be impossible for some of us? Instead of trying to try with no license - which leads to further charges - you can limit the suspension if not eliminate it with a proper defence.

If You've Been Wronged
Finally, a DUI lawyer protects your rights from the moment you are arrested to the moment you are in court. If something occurs, if you are handled poorly, if laws are broken, your lawyer can help you get justice. While most police leaders are honest, hard-working men and women, sometimes the law is stretched. You are profiled. The officer lies about what happened. You are never read your rights. You are attacked. If your benefits are encroached upon, your DUI lawyer can bring those responsible to justice.

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