The resemblance between the stock market and the real estate market is becoming uncanny day by day. The real estate market is in a bubble across the country as the prices seem to go up and up with no end in sight. The real estate investors who invest in rental properties never seem to be worried. Because if real estate market tanks still people will need someplace to live or do business. Also. If you do not want to invest in physical real estate then you can also buy REITs or real estate investment trusts from hBits, which will allow you to have more control over the cash flow. REITs saves you from the hassles of being a landlord allowing you to take advantage of the upsides of the real estate market.

Currently, the focus of homebuyers has shifted from premium properties to the more affordable and mid-priced segments. Whereas, the business owners always search for locations that are more accessible for their clients as well as employees. Over time, due diligence by buyers has also improved. Now they check the main three factors like a credible developer, right-sized house and good price. hBits also consider these factors before enlisting it in their website so, in a way, hBits is making your job easier as a real estate investor.

Here’s how hBits is changing the real estate investment scenario in India

Risk management facility -

Real estate investments can be risky sometimes. But if you invest from hBits they deal with all sorts of risks regarding the property on your behalf. In case the exit price is low you won’t need to worry because hBits has an expert team who pre-determinedly manage strong micro market fundamentals in order to provide for better rental growth. Also, the website keeps a data-driven approach for every property, so you can have deeper market knowledge before investing in a particular property.

Pecuniary resources -

Now you can have better control over your cash flow if you invest with hBits. Starting from choosing quality tenants to security deposits, hBits leaves no stone unturned when it comes to securing your investments. It ensures to provide the assets to the tenants with strong credit ratings. hBits also provides the flexibility to sell your ownership of the asset at any price and any time. In addition to that, it offers unique and relevant data insights regarding the market to help you to make better decisions to exit timing and pricing.

Pre-verified properties -

It can be difficult to determine beforehand the capital potential of the property. Hence, hBits has a team of experts who analyse some factors like supply-demand dynamics and micro-market selection to have a proper idea about the capital appreciation of the particular property. In order to boost the yield of commercial assets, hBits contractually escalate the rental rates by 15% every three years. It also gives you an opportunity to choose the asset you want to invest in also the expense is significantly lower and traded securely which makes it a better investment.

Downside protection for hard-assets -

hBits aims to reduce the magnitude of capital losses by providing downside protection. It strategically adjusts market exposure of the hard assets to decrease the impact of potential losses caused by the downturn.

Low ticket size -

hBits offers a low ticket size or amount of 25 lakh, with which you can get access to a high-quality asset that has been only limited for large-scale institutions. In other words, you can buy a commercial real estate with a minimum amount of Rs 25 lakhs and diversify your ownership in a variety of real estate options. Also, you can also invest in these assets as rental yields with a potential appreciation of 12-20%. In that case, you get a specific fraction of the property as per your criteria and you own the concerned area of the real estate asset. This facility allows you to invest in an asset located in a prime location. Other than hBits no website in India provides such a feature.

As we know, It is very important to research about the property you are investing in. hBits just saves your time by doing the research and provides you with comprehensive information about all the properties enlisted on their website. If you are planning to invest in a property but don’t want to get your hands dirty then hBits is the right place for you because all deals with them include turnkey management along with property maintenance by their experienced team. Further, you can sell your fractional ownership to new users on the hBits platform and gain liquidity even in a traditionally illiquid asset. Thus, hBits offers such facilities that make investing in real estate more easy and accessible so it is changing the real estate investment scenario in India

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